MIPTV: The Classics Are Revitalized in Cannes

The second day of Miptv 2023, took place between Turkish dramas, Spanish content, Latin American melodramas, entertainment formats and animated content, at the Palais des Festivals.

*By Sebastián Amoroso and Rodrigo Ros, from Cannes, France.

This Tuesday, April 18, the second day of Miptv 2023, an event that’s taking place until Wednesday the 19th, at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes, shone a light on Turkish dramas, Spanish content, Latin American melodramas, entertainment and animation formats, and lots of animation.

The 60th edition of the Cannes market, which on Monday night had its anniversary party at The Majestic hotel, with cake and candles included, marks the pulse of an industry that is always up for classic television genres.

Although the international market reports a decline in terms of exhibitors and attendance by the general public -according to the figures disclosed by the organization: more than 180 stands and 530 exhibiting companies, and 1600 buyers from more than 80 countries-, among TV channels, distributors, studios, producers and streamers; the exhibitors consulted are satisfied with the level of appointments, which, between the search for Turkish dramas and Latin American melodramas, would seem to reinforce the strength of this audiovisual offer.

In this sense, the presence of Turkish companies, under the umbrella of the Chamber of Commerce, is among the most important delegations at the event, including ATV, Calinos Entertainment, Inter Medya, Global Agency, Kanal D International, Madd Entertainment; with an offer of classic dramas, short series, scripted and non-scripted formats, as well as international co-productions.

As for Latin America, melodramas seem to be making a strong comeback in the markets of Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia; with variants of the genre from Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.

“Before the pandemic, fewer melodramas were being produced. We went to the big miniseries. Let’s remember that the Turks came in very strong with our stories. We have realized that the audiences like those stories”, said José Escalante, from Latin Media Corporation.

“We are seeing how Peru gets into that production line. Mexico is returning to the same production line. Colombia returns to melodrama. There is a trend where the international market is asking for this type of content to come out,” he added.

Children’s and animated content is another one of the genres that has taken off at the Cannes market, with a large presence of stands from production and distribution companies, with a high presence of Asians, Canadians and French.

In parallel, the schedule of launches, conferences, keynotes and panels, around key issues in the industry, including the first edition of the FAST Summit, aimed at serving the emerging business of channels and digital programming, continued during this second day.

Regarding Hispanic platforms, Rakuten TV, one of the leading streamers in Europe, announced during the summit the launch of new FAST channels, including multiple genres, such as movies, documentaries, series and children’s.

The day also saw the launch of Monaco TV, at the Carlton Hotel, a project of the Principality with a varied programming, to which a total of 15 million euros will be allocated. Likewise, in the Auditorium A of the Palais des Festivals, the Ready, Set, Startup! format of the company Pictures in Motion was launched.

With some stands already empty this afternoon, this Wednesday the 19th will be the last day of Miptv, with a limited schedule of activities.