The Turkish broadcaster’s new streamer will launch in Turkey within a month and internationally within a year, with Europe and the Americas as its first target regions and plans to launch around 30 original contents.

TRT, Turkey’s largest national broadcaster, announced the launch of its own streaming service during the first day of Miptv.

Mustafa Ilbeyli, Director of Advertising at TRT, confirmed to ttvnews that the new streamer will launch in Turkey before the elections, so within a month or so.

Additionally, the service is going to start rolling out internationally within the next three to four months.

“All of our content we will be subbed and dubbed in English, Urdu, Spanish and Arabic, so those are mainly the markets that we want to reach out to,” the executive said to ttvnews. “We have a lot of viewers in Europe, in the MENA region, Pakistan, India, as well as Latin America and North America. So those will be the first regions we will want to reach. In Latin America, the service will be available maybe within a year or so.”

In terms of content, the executive explained new streamer will have “all of the TRT content that’s readily available and loved all around the world, plus another 30 original contents for the platform.”

“We’ll have all of our series, documentaries and kids’ content, and international coproductions as well,” he added.

As far as models go, the executive revealed the streamer will launch under an AVOD model in Turkey, with hybrid SVOD-AVOD models for the international market.