Following its sale to Mediaset in Spain, the successful drama has been licensed to Tele Imedi in Georgia.

Turkish distributor Mistco announced a new deal for its drama Surprise Marriage, which was licensed to Tele Imedi in Georgia.

The drama was recently acquired by also Mediaset which is one of leading TV networks in Spain.

“We are happy to extend our partnership with Tele Imedi with our successful romantic comedy series Suprise Marriage. At these extremely hard times, we believe that people are need of some relief from all worries and concerns they have so the contents like Surprise Marriage will provide joy and relief to them,” said Aysegul Tuzun, Managing Director at Mistco.

“The series is also available in the CIS region through our precious partners and as an effect of Can Yaman’s international fame, we believe that we will able to extend the series worldwide in a short time.”

Starring Can Yaman, Surprise Marriage tells a love story of Itir (Selen Soyder) and Tarik (Can Yaman) who grew up in the same neighborhood, and getting married secretly and trying to hide this marriage from their parents.