Turkish distributor Mistco announced the sale of the hit Turkish drama to Mediaset Spain.

Turkish drama Hold My Hand continues to add new international territories with its arrival in Spain through Mediaset.

Turkish distributor Mistco announced the sale of the hit drama to Mediaset Spain, which through its network Divinity has become the home of Turkish series in the country.

Hold My Hand is produced by Üs Yapım for public broadcaster TRT, which airs it locally and has just commissioned a second season. It’s based on the Korean drama Shining Inheritance.

It tells the love story between Azra and Cenk. Azra is a young and decent woman with a perfect life until her father dies. After her death, her stepmother leaves her on the street in charge of her autistic brother. It is there that she meets Cenk, the love of her life. It stars Alina Boz and Alp Navruz.

“We always had a lot of faith in Hold My Hand. We are proud of this agreement with Mediaset and we believe we can continue collaborating with new dramas in the near future,” said Aysegul Tuzun, VP of Sales and Marketing at Mistco.

Spain joins the more than 15 territories that have already opted for Hold My Hand such as Mexico, Romania, Greece, Slovenia, Macedonia and Kosovo, among others.