Two important deals with Pastel Film and Star TV strengthened Mistco’s catalog for 2020.

If 2019 was an “intense” and positive year for Mistco, the expectations for 2020 have multiplied with two major deals that broaden the Turkish company’s catalog.

“We are proud to announce that we’re expanding our catalog with the deals with Pastel Film, producer of many hits, and Star TV, one of the leading networks in terms of ratings,” Aysegul Tuzun, Managing Director of Mistco, said to ttvnews.

The two deals, which strengthen a catalog that’s based on content from public network TRT, will allow Mistco to represent titles like Golden Cage (Güvercin), one of the new titles for the beginning of the new year.

Golden Cage was filmed in Gaziantep, and features a love that’s born from the desire for vengeance.

The rivalry between two families culminates with the death of Okkes and Kenan’s father. Okkes swears revenge and kidnaps Zuluf, daughter of his father’s murderer, with the aim of letting her die in a well. Kenan rescues her and a marriage is arranged between them to resolve the conflict.

The series stars Almila Ada (Cennet) and Mehmet Ali Nuroglu (Lifeline). It is broadcast on Sundays on Star TV with excellent audience numbers.

“International audiences know these kinds of stories and the cast is a big factor that makes a series very interesting as Golden Cage is,” says Tuzun. “It will be launched at Natpe Miami 2020 and we believe it is a candidate to be the series with the most international sales of the new year.”

At Natpe, Mistco will also be distributing one of his greatest hits of 2019: Melek: A Mother’s Struggle.

“Since its first episode, Melek: A Mother’s Struggle has managed to engage the audience with a universal story that gives voice to women who are fighting for the future of their children and who are able to give their lives for them,” explains Tuzun .

The drama airs on Wednesdays on TRT 1 with a growing audience and has already been sold to five countries, with more agreements close to closing.

Another outstanding drama within Mistco’s offer is My Champion, starring renowned actor Togahan Sayisman.

However, as Tuzun explains, the highest point in the series is its story: “We are all familiar with the stories of mothers and children, but dramas about a single father with his son are not so common in Turkey. In this series we see that fantastic bond ».

Hold My Hand, meanwhile, continues to be an attractive title, which is now arousing much interest from the premiere of its second season.