The Turkish distributor is promoting three successful TRT dramas for global audiences: Reckless Love, Balkan Lullaby and The Blackboard.

Turkish distributor Mistco unveiled a selection of successful Turkish dramas from TRT, which are set to conquer audiences in Turkey and worldwide.

The first is Reckless Love (Seni Kalbime Sakladım, 100 x 45′), produced by Sev Film for TRT.

Reckless Love tells the fabulous relationship of Zeynep (Sevda Erginci) and Civanmert (Ekin Mert Daymaz) Zeynep. Civanmert has been working to look after his mother Türkan and his sister Reyhan since his father left home when he was a child. Zeynep is a chemist who took over her grandfather’s pharmaceutical company. Her grandfather Yusuf’s only wish is to persuade his granddaughter to marry. Overwhelmed by the pressure of her grandfather, Zeynep tells him that she is seeing someone… While Zeynep is looking for a temporary lover to please her grandfather, she signs a contract with Civanmert known as the “flirty valet”.

Second is the new drama Balkan Lullaby (Balkan Ninnisi, 100 x 45′), produced by Nebula Film Yapim for TRT.

It is the story of the city of Skopje, divided by the Vardar River and joined by the Stone Bridge… It is a story of love in this city where Turks and Albanians live on one side and Macedonians live on the other… A hostile Turkish and Macedonian family are forced to live in the same house under the same roof, again thanks to an Ottoman heritage house deed. Jovanka (Merih Ozturk) and Ertan (Emre Bey) two lovers trying to make their lives better with love in this enmity…

Lastly is The Blackboard (Karatahta, 76 x 45′) produced by Us Yapim for TRT.

It tells the story of Atlas (Furkan Andıç), who being bullied by his friends during his high school years, has to leave his hometown together with his mother. He had to leave his love, Irmak (Miray Daner) behind. Years later, he completes his education and is appointed to his former school in his hometown as a mathematics teacher. Atlas’ paths is not easy one. Will be a teacher that sacrifices himself to help others or a cruel person to get rid of his anger? Why did he come back? For revenge or his love Irmak?