Presented at Mipcom 2022, the Turkish drama will premiere in Israel and Romania.

Mistco announced its new Turkish drama, Bahar, will premiere in Israel and Romania soon.

The brand new drama consists of 100 episodes and is co-produced with US Yapim (Hold My Hand, Melek A Mother’s Struggle, The Blackboard).

Bahar is the story of a young girl who is struggling to keep the goodness inside despite all darkness around. After witnessing the murder of her father, she is trying to prove that Aysun (her stepmother) committed the murder. On the other hand, the love between Bahar and Demir who met just days before the murder grows day by day but becomes even more impossible since Aysun is obsessively attached to Demir and determined to win Demir at any cost. Their lives are turned upside down, and Bahar and Demir begin to be tested with both love and life.

Mistco’s Managing Director Aysegul Tuzun said: “We are very excited about the premieres of BAHAR which offer a strong dramatic plot along with a triangle love story and we all know that such stories are always welcomed by international audiences.”