The international distributor will be present in Cannes with a selection of animated series, with themes that cover secret spies, monsters, robots, nature and many great adventures for young viewers.

One of the most prominent producers and distributors of children’s content in the international market, Mondo TV Studios will be present at Miptv in April with a catalog of new animated titles.

A selection of 3D and 2D animated series, with adventure, comedy and action for children of all ages will shine bright at the company’s offer.

Up next, the highlights of the Mondo TV Studios’ catalog for Miptv:

AGENT 203 (3D CGI, Spy-fi Adventure Comedy, 26 x 22’)

Imagine Zoe Stranek’s surprise when she finds out her dad didn’t work at Starbucks, but used to be an intergalactic agent, protecting our planet against Alien invasions. So when Ulav, her dad’s old partner and weird comedic alien, tells her this, she decides to step into her father’s footsteps. Together with her new alien bestie and her best friends Quigley and Rock, she protects our planet from General Gore, the ultimate badass alien, in memory of her beloved father.

MONSTER LOVING MANIACS (2D Full HD, Comedy adventure, 52 x 11’)

Join Edith, Ernest and Bo, three siblings who are being trained as monster hunters by their tough old grandfather. These kids are massive horror fans who love dangerous paranormal creatures, which doesn’t quite match their grandfather’s old-school ideas. So, as soon as grandpa takes one of his many naps, they look for a way to save the monsters rather than hunt them.

ANNIE & CAROLA (2D Full HD, Comedy, 52 x 11’)

Carola, a nerd with no social skills, builds her own robot clone as a friend. Someone to share her love for science with and as a buffer against the teen world that she doesn’t understand and fears. But an accident turns her clone into a crazy, uninhibited friend who drags her into all the kinds of situations she fears the most.

LETRABOTS (2D Full HD; Action, Comedy, 26 x 13’)

In this action – comedy series, we visit Planet Prime to meet the five Letrabots, a team of robot heroes whose shapes are based on letters. These letters can assemble into bigger robots, that bring together the abilities of individual Letrabots into one powerful machine. Their mission is to help others and bring peace to Planet Prime. But one day a strange movement is detected: the robots known as Darkbots are coming. These evil creatures are guided by an old enemy called Chaos, who is controlling them from his black hole prison. Defeating the Darkbots and Chaos won’t be easy, but the Letrabots know that working together will be key to saving the universe – and they are ready!

ONE LOVE (2D Full HD, Pre-school, 26 x 7’)

The show takes place on One Love, the planet with a beating heart, where the two best friends Amo and Ama, together with the rest of the Baby-Hugs and other unique fun creatures, jump from one adventure to the next by using the strongest power they have: love! Amo and Ama will face the emotional challenges that all pre-schoolers often experience. Each episode deals with an important topic related to child development and especially to the primary emotions related to growth.

LEO’S WORLD (2D Full HD, Comedy, Inclusion, 10 x 12’)

An animated TV series, for a preschool target, unique within its kind, made with and for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Leo’s World tells, with a delicate and sensitive approach, the daily adventures of little Leo, an autistic boy, along with his inseparable friend Lola – a nice and clever dog – and Babù, his stuffed animal that Leo loves so much and which, in his imagination, comes to life to transport him into a fantasy world born of reality, where fears and barriers can be overcome. Through play, exploration and fantasy, the young audience will learn, while having fun, the importance of knowing how to deal with the emotions and events of everyday life.