The anticipated kids’ animated series will arrive in Italy with a pre-release set for April 22nd to coincide with the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, along with an important marketing campaign.

Mondo TV’s original children’s animated series MeteoHeroes is coming to Italy, having secured its worldwide premiere on Cartoonito. The launch will be accompanied by a marketing campaign and a growing licensee list.

The show –in which six kids use their superpowers to protect the planet from extreme weather events and pollution– will premiere with a special four-episode sneak preview in April on the free-to-air channel Cartoonito, a leading DTTV and satellite channel for pre-schoolers operated by Boing SpA.

The premiere date of April 22nd was chosen to coincide with the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Four episodes will be premiered at evening prime time (beginning between 7.30pm and 8pm) during the Earth Day anniversary celebration.

Viewers will be also able to hear the MeteoHeroes theme song for the first time, a catchy number performed by Francesco Facchinetti, former italian DJ, producer, singer, musician, TV presenter, radio host, actor and businessman.

The premiere will be accompanied by a major media campaign during which the stars of MeteoHeroes will play their roles as ambassadors in the fight to protect our planet.

The series will then officially launch in June when the four opening episodes will again appear, followed by 14 new episodes, further building brand momentum ahead of the launch of new episodes in October, when previous episodes will begin a second run.

MeteoHeroes, a Mondo TV co-production with Meteo Expert Center, a leading Italian weather forecasting group with a strong international reputation, addresses issues such as climate change, ecology and respect for nature through the adventures of six super-powered children. I

MeteoHeroes has already attracted a number of major licensees. The values of sustainability and respect for the environment will be reflected in the show’s licensing programme.

Already in Europe, Giunti has been tapped to produce books and activity books, while Playpress plans a magic book and colouring and activity books for the newsstand channel.

Mondadori is on board for a monthly magazine – with MeteoHeroes-inspired gadgets, Eu.Promotions will be handling the loyalty promotion category, and Ravensburger will be producing puzzles and memory games.

Among other categories, home video will be handled by Koch Media and Kimbe will organise shopping mall events as the licensee of costume characters for meet-and-greet activities. Many other negotiations are ongoing or completed, including a range of Easter eggs for 2021.

The consumer products programme will launch at retail soon: the first licensed products will be on shelves by October 2020.

Supporting the brand’s marketing activities, Mondadori and Mediamond have joined to devise Globo WePlanet, an open-air, interactive exhibition of contemporary art and design, focusing on sustainable development with the aim of raising awareness among people and businesses.

The six MeteoHeroes will even feature in a dedicated human-sized globe installed in downtown Milan from June to September, accompanied by an augmented reality element. Attendees will be able to point their smartphone at the globe and be taken to a page that offers information on the project and the artist who made it.

Matteo Corradi, Mondo TV CEO, said: “The arrival of MeteoHeroes on Cartoonito is a major statement about the quality, originality and potential of this new series. We think the time is right for a show that addresses important issues in an engaging, exciting way that boys and girls everywhere will love – and this is it. There really isn’t anything like MeteoHeroes on TV anywhere.”

Luigi Latini, CEO, Meteo Expert Center – IconaMeteo, creator and executive producer of MeteoHeroes, added: “MeteoHeroes perfectly balances action, humour and superb design with some genuinely fascinating insights into the weather, how it works, and how our actions can affect it.”

“It’s great entertainment that has something really important to say about climate change and about the global issue of pollution and we’re very proud to have helped to bring it to the screen. I am sure that children everywhere will love it – and so will parents.”