Spanish platform El Español revealed Netflix has already commissioned two additional seasons of its star Spanish series.

Bluper, the segment specialized in TV from Spanish platform El Español, exclusively revealed that Netflix has already renewed Money Heist for a fifth and sixth season.

The renewal comes months before the premiere of its fourth season, which will debut worldwide in April of this year.

The renewal for two seasons has been a common practice for Netflix in Spain, as it already did with Money Heist once before, High Seas and Elite.

Elite, precisely, has also been renewed for two new seasons, prior to the premiere of its third, in March. The news was also revealed by Bluper.

In this case, however, Fuera de Serie revealed that the new Elite seasons will come with a completely renewed cast.

Thus, the third season will close all the stories started in the first installment. And the fourth season will be a new course at the Las Encinas Institute.

Both renewals make total sense within Netflix’s strategy considering that they are two of its most popular series not only in Spain and Latin America, but also internationally.

Money Heist is produced by Vancouver Media and Elite by Zeta Audiovisual.