Parrot Analytics revealed to ttvnews that France beats Spain as the country with the highest demand per capita for the Spanish Netflix series.

Watched by 34 million homes in one week and named Netflix’s most popular non-English language series in history, Money Heist has become the most popular Spanish series of all times.

But the phenomenon is far from limited to just Spain or the Hispanic world, as proven by new numbers revealed by Parrot Analytics to ttvnews.

When considering the past 90 days and the Average Demand Expresions per capita, Spain isn’t even the country where the series is the most in demand.

In fact, according to the company, the series has generated an average demand of 9.21 per person.

In France that demand was 10.94, meaning the country is the one where Money Heist has been most in demand, beating its own country of origin.

When considering the 10 markets where it’s most in demand, there’s another surprise: only one of them has Spanish as its main language (Spain).

The rest include Brazil, Greece, Kenya, Morocco, Italy, Germany, Israel or Turkey in the Top 10, consisting only of one country from Latin America, three from Africa and five from Europe.

Argentina comes in at number 11 as the next Hispanic market on the list.

Argentina, Where Cable Girls Is Demanded Most Outside Europe

For comparison, Parrot Analytics shared numbers for another one of Spain’s most popular series: Cable Girls.

This time, the series’ top market is in fact Spain (as expected), and is more popular in the Hispanic market than elsewhere in the world (five countries in the Top 10 speak Spanish).

Still, the series still has great international numbers, with high demand in markets like France, Russia, Italy, the US or Morrocco.