During the presentation of its financial results, Netflix released its first viewership numbers. All the details, up next.

Money Heist continues to add milestones to its track record. The fourth season of the Spanish fiction, which premiere on Netflix on April 3, will be seen by 65 million homes by the end of the month, as predicted by Netflix.

This number will turn it into the platform’s most-viewed series of the last quarter and all of 2020 so far.

Yet, one thing is important to note: up until this year, Netflix would consider something as viewed when a home had watched 70% of the production. But as of 2020, it’s been doing it under the “chosen to watch” metric, which counts the homes that watch the first two minutes of a title.

Still, the number does conform Parrot Analytics’ and TV TIme’s estimates, which catalogued it as the most demanded and most binged series in the world.

The series’ new season is thus more popular than Tiger King, the documentary series that became a real phenomenon since its debut on Netflix on March 20th. According to the platform, it’s been seen by over 64 million homes in its first four weeks.

With these numbers, Money Heist Season 4 and Tiger King enter Netflix’s historic ranking of most popular series, surpassed only by The Witcher.

However, neither of these titles were the most viewed on the platform in Q1 2020. It was the movie Spenser Confidential, action comedy starring Mark Wahlberg, which ranked first with 85 million homes.

Netflix’s Historic Ranking

Since Netflix began revealing viewership numbers, these are its most popular productions:

1. Spenser Confidential (film): 85 million views
2. 6 Underground (film): 83 million
3. Bird Box (film): 80 million
4. Murder Mystery (film): 73 million
5. The Witcher (series): 72 million
6. Money Heist S4 (series): 65 million
7. Tiger King (documentary series): 64 million
8. You S2 (series): 54 million
9. Triple Frontier (film): 52 million
10. The Perfect Date (film): 48 million