The Telefonica platform, one of the main players behind Spanish fiction’s current boom, unveiled its roster for the year ahead.

Movistar+ is starting 2020 with more original productions than ever before. The Spanish platform will raise the bar in terms of original fictions, premiering 14 titles and seasons this year.

And two new series will premiere in the first half of 2020: La unidad and La linea invisible.

In addition, in the non-fiction arena, three new series will see the light this year: El Palmar de Troya, El corazón del Imperio and Espías.

Up next, all of Movistar+’s original premieres for 2020:

Fiction Series

The first new series that will land on the Spanish platform will be La unidad and La linea invisible, both in the first months of the year.

Produced in collaboration with Vaca Films, La unidad is a 6 50-minute episode police thriller that plunges into the fight against jihadist terrorism. From the hand of director Dani de la Torre, it offers a unique and interesting perspective of how these police officers live and act.

The new Mariano Barroso series, La linea invisible, is a 6-episode drama that focuses on the origin of ETA and the first murder of the organization, which was the victim of the civil guard José Antonio Pardines. It is produced by Sentido Films in collaboration with Film Making and Making.

In addition, in the following months the comedies Nasdrovia and Supernormal will be released.

All this, along with new seasons of The Pier (S2), Shame (S3), Mira lo que has hecho (S3), Virtual Hero (S2), Justo antes de Cristo (S2) and the revelation teen series, Skam (S3 and S4).

Other original fictions that the platform is preparing, without specifying whether they’ll be released in 2020 or later, are: Dime quién soy, El tesoro del Cisne Negro, Los espabilados, Paraíso, una serie sin título de Enrique Urbizu and Hierro (S2). Meanwhile, Antidisturbios will premiere in 2021.

Non-Fiction Series

Movistar is also preparing several non-fiction original series, which will make their debut on the #0 network.

El Palmar de Troya, a 4-episode series produced in collaboration with 100 Balas (The Mediapro Studio) and 93 Metros, tells the story of one of the most incredible phenomenons in recent history.

On March 30, 1968, four 12 and 13-year-old girls claimed that the Virgin Mary had appeared on the Alcaparrosa estate, one kilometer from the village of El Palmar de Troya, in the province of Seville. Weeks later, several neighbors affirmed that they had seen other appearances and in the summer of that same year an altar was built that would be the first stone of the Palmarian Christian church.

In June 2018, Ginés, the last Pope of El Palmar de Troya, and his wife assaulted, with brawl included, the congregation’s facilities. Scandals, the shadow of sexual abuse, unlikely anecdotes and all kinds of accusations have marked the more than 50 years of this religious congregation to which some consider church and many others a great sect.

Another new fictional documentary series will be The Heart of the Empire. In 6 episodes, produced in collaboration with Global Set, director Santiago Posteguillo will announce the role of women in ancient Rome. Empresses, slaves and gladiators will be the protagonists of this trip to the past that will have the advice of expert historians in the role of women in Rome.

Espías is the title of the third non-fiction original. David Beriain plunges back into an unknown world in this 93-meter production. Real intelligence operations that are recorded while they are happening. Stories lived in first person by members of the international secret services and with privileged access to the first line of an underground war. Stories that shouldn’t see the light.