The new version of the hit psychological drama will premiere on ViX+ on November 4.

The new version of the hit psychological drama Mujeres Asesinas will premiere exclusively on ViX+ on November 4.

The award-winning anthology that became one of the most popular series on Mexican television returns with a stellar cast and prominent writers and directors.

The reimagined version of Mujeres Asesinas will premiere a new episode every week.

Written by renowned Spanish writer Alicia Luna and inspired by Marissa Grinstein‘s book Mujeres Asesinas, the original series features the stories of eight women who did not live simple, peaceful or happy lives. They dealt with violent partners, manipulative fathers or mothers, hostile bosses, and humiliating situations. All of them tried to improve their lives and failed. Without the resources or psychological help, they reached the limit, and jail or death was less terrifying than continuing to endure their situation.

Pepe Castro, Carlos García Agraz, and Ana Lorena Peréz-Rios are the directors and Francisco Casasús Fernández, Rafael Cuadros Valle and Luis Luisillo Miguel serve as executive producers.

Mujeres Asesinas is a production of Plétora Productions.