Eccho Rights’ Turkish drama will make its debut “very soon” on Divinity (Mediaset) under the title El pasado siempre vuelve.

Spanish channel specialized in telenovelas Divinity announced in the last hours the upcoming premiere of My Home, My Destiny, a Turkish drama distributed by Eccho Rights that arrives in Spain for the first time.

As announced, the series will premiere “very soon” under the title El pasado siempre vuelve.

Mediaset España had acquired the drama at the end of October along with other Turkish dramas from various distributors.

My Home, My Destiny is produced by OGM Pictures and broadcast in Turkey on TV8.

Starring Demet Özdemir and İbrahim Çelikkol, the series also has Onur Güvenatam as executive producer, responsible for hits like Netflix’s The Gift and The Protector and Wounded Love (Kanal D) and A Part of Me (Star TV).

It tells the story of Zeynep, a girl born into a humble home with few opportunities. Her luck will change when the wealthy family where her mother works as a cleaner offers to adopt the girl. Years later Zeynep becomes an intelligent, educated and beautiful young woman who will marry a man of high society.

However, she Zeynep decides to return to the home of her birth, where she rediscovers various lessons and surprises and meets the love of her life.