Natpe Budapest: Telenovelas, Formats and True Crime, Are Most in Demand

The second day of Natpe Budapest closed with its traditional boat party. The event, which stands to show improvement on a few aspects, was still a positive showcase of content, registering several sales for telenovelas, formats and true crime titles.

The second day of Natpe Budapest at the InterContinental Hotel once again shows an acceptable level of participation, although it is still far from recovering pre-pandemic attendance levels. The different conferences, various announcements, and the ZDF Studios content showcase continue on this day.

On this new day, the absence of certain buyers from the region is once again highlighted, for example, as the distributors mention, from Poland, some of the Baltic countries and the Balkans in general.

This absence, although it has been perceived since the last editions, may have increased due to the greater concentration of events focused on the region that are organized during the month of June.

On the other hand, the event stands out for the good conversations that are taking place around long-form content, the adaptation of formats, telenovelas and true crime content.

This was highlighted by several of the companies consulted throughout this day, such as MediaHub, Match Point, Atresmedia, Calinos, Televisa Univision or VIP2000, among others.

At night, the day ended with the traditional boat party, which was attended by the vast majority of those present at Natpe Budapest.

Tomorrow the event continues on its third day, with one of the highlights being the VIP2000 and GoQuest Showcase, which will present the first images of their co-production Kuma, the other wife.