The Natpe organization confirmed Natpe Miami 2020 will take place entirely online and announced the calendar of events for the first part of 2021.

The National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE), the premier global business association for content producers, distributors, streamers and buyers across all platforms today announced the creation of three new events and completely virtual NATPE Miami.

Due to circumstances and restrictions surrounding the ongoing pandemic, NATPE Miami will be held entirely online.

Each of these events are a full component of the NATPE Virtual platform, a highly interactive experience designed to address the current content business environment as demonstrated by both NATPE Streaming Plus and NATPE Budapest International earlier this year that delivered the highest audience engagement.

The NATPE calendar of events for the first part of 2021 is as follows:

NATPE Virtual Miami – January 19-22 (Marketplace 19-29), 2021 – The first and largest virtual marketplace + conference of the year will start on Tuesday through Friday with each day featuring a full schedule of sessions focused on content business drivers.

Key themes for each day will cover Revenue (Investment, Advertising, & Subscription), Audience (Research, Marketing & Promotion), Content (Acquisition & Distribution Sales), and Production (New content). Additional topics will include Station Groups, Web Series, Global, Latin Summit and the renowned industry awards shows.

Exhibition will be open from Tuesday, January 19th through Friday, 29th. More details to be announced in the coming months.

NATPE Segregation, Segmentation & Storytelling (NEW) – February 16, 2021 – A spotlight on the business of BlackTV, this summit advances the conversation about the business of Black talent, Black perspectives, and Black “voices” in television programming, as only NATPE can! Explore the role of Black talent, writers, showrunners, producers and directors, and the impact of their work on TV audiences and advertisers, today.

NATPE Sports (NEW) – March 23, 2021 – This 2-hour, jam packed event will focus on the changes and adjustments to the production of live sports content for TV and video, and the growth struggle to attract new sponsors and fans and retain traditional television audiences and advertisers.

NATPE News (NEW) – April 7, 2021 – “Out with the old and in with the News,” this one-day event will explore the paradigm of “Fake News,” “disinformation,” and “bots” disrupting the traditional news cycle. This timely event will look through the lens of post-election insights and will highlight best-practices grounded in journalistic integrity to provide attendees with a look at what’s to come. Discussions focus on the preparation behind news perspectives, the influence and impact of advertisers, and the shifting audience and their taste for various news topics.

“True to our mission to provide connections, business intelligence and new opportunities, NATPE is facing head-on the new reality by launching NATPE Virtual Miami, the first and largest content event of the year,” said President and CEO JP Bommel.

“This is a people’s business and until we can get together in-person, and we will, our plans are to continue to pivot and produce a compelling and engaging virtual series of events to serve our members and the expanded content community.”

The NATPE brand has long been recognized as a one-stop-shop in the global content marketplace, and even during challenging times, its goal remains the same: to be an ultimate resource for producers and distributors as the one-stop-shop for the business of content. NATPE Virtual delivers the key elements that make NATPE’s physical experience a must attend event.