The platform announced Xtremo, an original film produced by Showrunner Films, the company founded by Vicente Canales and Julieta Videla.

Netflix made the surprising announcement this week of a new original Spanish film: Xtremo, an action and martial arts feature, which inaugurates a new genre for the platform in terms of Spanish movies.

Xtremo will also be the first production under Showrunner Films, the new producer created by Vicente Canales and Julieta Videla.

The film, which ended its filming in December at locations in Barcelona, stars martial arts actor Teo García, Óscar Jaenada, Óscar Casas, Andrea Duro, Sergio Peris-Mencheta and Alberto Jo Lee, among others.

It is directed by Daniel Benmayor, with special collaboration from actors Luis Zahera and Juan Diego, while the scripts are by Iván Ledesma based on a story by Teo García and Genaro Rodríguez.

Xtremo also has Toni Carrizosa as executive producer and Ester Velasco as production director. The edition is in charge of the editor of action blockbusters Peter Amundson (Saga Underworld, Pacific Rim, Hellboy, Godzilla, Blade II) and the director of photography is Juanmi Azpiroz (White Lines, Point Blank, Bruc: The Challenge).

The sound design is by Oriol Tarragó (Jurassic World, Misfortune, A monster comes to see me) and the music of the winner of two Goya Awards and an Emmy, Lucas Vidal (Elite, Palm trees in the snow, While you sleep).

“Xtremo transports a little exploited genre in Spanish-speaking films to Barcelona. A non-stop action movie, with a spectacular cast that brings together internationally renowned actors with new talents, and a technical team of the highest level that brings a new style to our cinema. Just as a Spanish horror label was created, with Xtremo we have the opportunity to create a Spanish action label,” said the film’s director, Daniel Benmayor.

Its premiere will be “coming soon.”


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