This Friday, June 19, the streaming platform will premiere the second season of the series produced by Prodigo Films.

Just over a year after the premiere of its first season, this Friday, June 19, Netflix will premiere the second installment of Coisa mas linda, an original OTT series made in Brazil.

Produced by Prodigo Films, Coisa mas linda stars María Casadevall, Pathy Dejesus and Mel Lisboa.

It was created by Heather Roth and Giuliano Cedroni.

The series is set in 1959 and tells the story of Malu (Maria Casadevall), a woman who, after being abandoned by her husband, who also steals all her money, decides to open a bossa nova club in Rio de Janeiro.

Its second season, just like the first, will have seven episodes.

The second season of Coisa mais inda comes a few days after the premiere of Reality Z, another original Netflix production in Brazil and joins titles like Ninguém Tá Olhando, Irmandade, Cidades invisíveis, Spectros, Onisciente, 3% (three seasons), O mecanismo (two seasons), Samantha!, O Escolhido and Sintonía.

This Monday, in addition, Netflix had announced the production of three original reality shows in Brazil.