The platform announced the exclusive world premiere of Spanish films Orígenes secretos and Ofrenda a la tormenta, which were scheduled to be released in cinemas but will be eligible for the Goya Awards.

With the closure of movie theaters due to the spread of Covid-19, the films that were slated to be released in these months begin to search for a digital home for their release.

This, especially, since the Board of Directors of the Spanish Film Academy announced on May 11 that, for the Goya 2021 Awards, it will accept nominations for films that have not been released in theaters.

Thus, Netflix revealed in recent days that it has been the platform chosen for the world premieres and exclusives of two long-awaited feature films: the thriller-comedy Orígenes Secretos and the third installment of the Baztan Trilogy, Ofrenda a la tormenta.

Orígenes secretos, David Galán Galindo’s debut feature, will be released on Netflix on August 28, 2020.

In the movie, anonymous and unrelated people are being killed imitating the first appearances of the best-known superheroes. Cosme is the best detective in his police station and is about to retire against his will. David is his replacement and he is young and impulsive. Both will have the mission of fitting the pieces into a game, of which they completely ignore the rules. In their adventure they will have the help of Jorge Elías, Cosme’s son, a fond geek and owner of a comic book store, and Norma, their boss and lover of manga and cosplay. They say that sometimes you have to put on your suit and go out and make this world a better place. This may be one of them.

Secret Origins is a co-production between Spain and Argentina, from Nadie es perfecto, La chica de la curva, Orígenes Secretos A.I.E. and In post we trust, with associated production by Quexito Films, the participation of RTVE and the collaboration of Netflix.

It stars Javier Rey, Verónica Echegui, Brays Efe, Antonio Resines and Ernesto Alterio, among others.

Ofrenda a la tormenta will be launched globally on Netflix on July 24, almost five years after the start of filming of the first film of the “Baztan Trilogy”.

The long-awaited installment of the successful saga is directed, once again, by Fernando González Molina, whose adaptation of the literary phenomenon has made it the first great saga brought to the big screen in Spanish cinema.

With more than 100 actors and a technical team made up of more than 200 people, the filming has traveled through many locations in Navarra, Catalonia, Huesca and Madrid. The two sequels, which were shot at the same time over 19 weeks, had more than 120 different sets and 95 locations.

Ofrenda a la tormenta is produced by Nostromo Pictures and Mantecadas Salazar AIE, in association with Atresmedia Cine and Nadcon Film with the associated production of ZDF, ARTE and Orange with the participation of Atresmedia.