Elite and Money Heist are some of the only Hispanic series in Parrot Analytics’ ranking of most demanded series in the country, along with Colombia’s Narcos and Argentina’s El payaso Plim Plim, also available on Netflix.

Netflix’s Spanish originals continue to conquer audiences all over Latin America and have now made their way into another one of Parrot Analytics’ demand rankings in the region.

Analyzing the demand from September 30th to October 6th in Venezuela, the company ranked this year’s revelation series, Élite, in second place in the digital series ranking with 1,685,587 Average Demand Expressions (ADE).

The Netflix original, which broke all types of records this year, isn’t the only Spanish series on the list, where Money Heist ranked fourth with 1,075,420 ADE.

Netflix is also responsible for all the Hispanic series on Parrot Analytics’ ranking for Venezuela, with Narcos ranking tenth with 429,032 ADE.

The list of most demanded digital series in the country is led by Stranger Things with 1.995.926 ADE, while 13 Reasons Why closes the podium in third place with 1.186.717 ADE.

The fifth and sixth spots are taken by the only non-Netflix series on the list, with DC Universe’s Titans in sixth place (968.434 ADE) and Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale in seventh (582.080 ADE).

Dark (481.998 ADE), Mindhunter (426.426 ADE) and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (433.044 ADE), all on Netflix, ranked seventh, eighth and ninth, respectively.

Elite is also one of the only representatives of the Hispanic world in the overall ranking of most demanded series in Venezuela, ranking sixth, while Argentine kids’ series El payaso Plim Plim: un heroe del corazon ranked tenth with 1,467 .284 ADE.

Kids’ animations dominate several of the positions in the general ranking, which is led by Steven Universe with 2,116,975 ADE.

Peppa Pig is in fourth place with 1,921,910 ADE, Dragon Ball Super in seventh with 1,683,359 ADE and Naruto: Shippuden in ninth with 1,590,914 ADE.

The ranking is completed by The Walking Dead in third place with 1,979,180 ADE, Game of Thrones in fifth with 1,826,908 ADE and The Good Doctor in eighth with 1,646,527 ADE.