The OTT platform announced it’s opening a new office in Argentina.

Just like the local press had revealed in mid-February during Reed Hasting’s visit to Argentina, Netflix has now officially announced it will be opening a new local office in Buenos Aires.

The news was confirmed through a video on social media, featuring some of the stars of Netflix’s local productions in Argentina.

La Nación newspaper, meanwhile, spoke to Francisco “Paco” Ramos, VP of Original Production at Netflix for Spain and Latin America, who said: “As part of its commitment to continue betting on Argentina, Netflix is opening its office in Buenos Aires in 2020.”

“This way, we will be able to provide a better service to our members and the local creative community, while investing in stories made in Argentina that can be seen around the world.”

According to Reed Hastings himself, the new office has a major reason behind it: Argentina is one of Netflix’s top 10 countries.”

“Argentina is one of the ten most important countries for Netflix. We produce wonderful content in Argentina, which is watched worldwide, so it makes sense,” he said.

In addition to Buenos Aires, Netflix has offices in San Pablo, and will open a regional office for Latin America in Mexico City.