The series is a co-production between the two countries, filmed with talents from both regions.

This week, the filming of El grito de las mariposas, a Spanish-Argentine co-production that will be seen exclusively on Star+, Disney’s new subscription streaming service in Latin America, began in Colombia.

The series will consist of 13 episodes and will be the first with Spanish production and talent for this new platform, which will offer entertainment content on the other side of the ocean.

Starring the Dominican actress Sandy Hernández, the Cuban Luis Alberto García and the Spanish Susana Abaitua, the cast also includes great Spanish names such as Belén Rueda, Mercedes San Pietro or Willy Toledo.

The series is an exciting fictional story inspired by real events where the color of the Caribbean intermingles with crime and politics. It narrates the endearing, although ultimately tragic friendship between two young and brave women, whose encounters and misunderstandings for more than two decades rigorously immerse us in historical events.

In the 1950s, the Dominican Republic was immersed in the dictatorship of Rafael Leónidas Trujillo, alias “El Chivo” (Luis Alberto García).

The young Spanish immigrant Arantxa Oyamburu (Susana Abaitua) and the Dominican idealist Minerva Mirabal (Sandy Hernández) live a drama of epic proportions, in which their indestructible friendship will lead them to confront head-on the most grotesque tyranny of the 20th century.

El grito de las mariposas is a Spanish-Argentine co-production led from Spain by Gloriamundi Producciones, Tandem Films and Debut, with Mediabyte on the Argentine side.

Pablo E. Bossi, Agustín Bossi, Pol Bossi, Juan Pablo Buscaini, Cristina Zumárraga and Eva Cebrián sign as producers.

Based on the true story behind the universal day for the elimination of violence against women, the series has the winner of a Goya, the Argentine Juan Pablo Buscaini as showrunner, the Spanish Inés París in the direction along with the Argentines Leandro Ipiña, Mariano Hueter and a large group of both Spanish and Argentine screenwriters that includes Azucena Rodríguez, Ricardo Rodríguez, Juan Pablo Buscaini, Juan Carballo, Gabriel Nicoli and Pablo E. Bossi.

Filming began this week in different locations in Colombia (Bogotá, Santa Marta, Barranquilla) and will continue for 17 weeks.

It will be seen exclusively in Latin America through Star +, but for Spain and the rest of the world, international sales will be handled by Filmax.