Produced by Atresmedia TV in collaboration with producer 7 y Acción, the format has been sold in multiple countries like Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Italy and Germany, among others.

Onza Distribution has closed numerous deals on The Celeb Challenge, a programme produced by Atresmedia TV in collaboration with producer 7 y Acción. In Spain, the programme was broadcasted on Friday primetime on Antena 3. The Celeb Challenge enjoyed an undisputable audience-leading share of 22.4% for its premiere with almost 3.4 million viewers.

The format has already been selected in many countries in Europe, Asia and other key Latin American territories such as Mexico and Brazil. Onza Distribution has closed deals with producers such as Coral Europa for Portugal, Vincent TV Producties for the Netherlands and Banijay Group in countries such as Russia, Italy and Germany, among others.

Each week, the eight celebrities taking part in the thrilling adventure will face challenges that will push their physical and mental abilities to the limits. They will have to drive a car over 300 bottles of beer, turn into Beyoncé, make a hot dog with a digger and stay underwater for as long as possible without breathing, among other things. The charismatic panel of judges will score each competitor’s performance from 1 to 10. Humour and risk for all sectors of the public.

Carlos Garde, director of Onza Distribution, said: “The Celeb Challenge is a programme with great production value and spectacular content that is packed with fun and exciting moments. It has all the necessary ingredients to attract audiences of all ages. This kind of format has a lot of success on television channels around the world; pure family entertainment and a structure that is simple to follow. An unbeatable formula for primetime. Although we have closed deals on the format in 14 countries, we are still negotiating with others. This programme has aroused the interest of many clients with whom we will meet during Miptv this April”.

The Celeb Challenge will have a second season in Spain

The Celeb Challenge was shown on primetime every Friday on Antena 3. Audiences have endorsed the programme with 2.5M viewers for every episode and a 16.6% average share, more than two percent higher than the channel’s daily average. The Celeb Challenge progressed steadily throughout its first season, winning viewer loyalty episode after episode and grew to 20.1% share for its finale. Last Friday, 5 March, the grand finale was broadcast in a programme that led primetime, once again beating its competitor Got Talent.

After the success achieved in its first season, Atresmedia has renewed the format for a second season and the new celebrities who will be subjected to spectacular new challenges are now being selected. Recording of the second season starts in April.

Onza Distribution will present the format at the upcoming edition of Miptv and MIPFormats.