Orange and Mediapro Reveal First Trailer for Caminantes

Produced by 100 Balas (The Mediapro Studio) and Orange, the series will premiere on Orange TV on July 10.

Orange and The Mediapro Studio presented this Wednesday the first official trailer for Caminantes, the horror series produced by 100 Balas (The Mediapro Studio) and Orange, directed by Koldo Serra and created by José Antonio Pérez Ledo, which will be released on 10 July on Orange TV.

The scripts are by José Antonio Pérez Ledo himself and the executive production of Blanca Baena.

Caminantes will thus become the first original Orange fiction for its television platform.

The series is based on the «found footage» technique to narrate with frantic rhythm what has happened to a group of five young pilgrims, who disappeared while they were walking the Camino de Santiago.

To give this technique more realism, all the part of the fiction that reconstructs the story of the five disappeared has been shot in 4K quality with last-generation smartphones – specifically two IPhone 11 and two IPhone 10 XS-, whose parameters have They have been manually configured through an application to use them as if they were professional cameras.

In addition, applications and filters have been used, very common among the youngest, which are also put here at the service of history, transforming their friendly tone into a terrifying element.

In the trailer the five main protagonists of the series appear: Daniel Ibáñez (La Valla, Ours), Alexandra Pino (I know who you are), Carlos Suárez (The paper house), Songa Park (Down There) and Lucas Miramón (Billy Elliot, the musical).