OTTera, a True Partner for Content Providers

Stephen Hodge, CEO of OTTera, spoke to ttvnews at Content Americas about why the company stands out in the digital content distribution and monetization space, and why it’s a perfect partner for companies in Latin America and the international market.

Over the past 10+ years, OTTera has become a standout player in the OTT and digital content distribution business, offering simplified cross-platform digital content distribution and monetization to partners and clients around the world.

“OTTera is a company of individuals that have been in the OTT streaming space for 13 years. We’ve worked with all the top manufacturers globally for the same space of time,” Stephen Hodge, CEO of OTTera, explained to ttvnews during the last edition of Content Americas.

“And we act at all times as a true partner in that space. We are involved, we strategize, we bring campaigns to the table, we help to monetize. We are looking to connect the world. That’s what makes us different in the space”, he added.

Being a “true partner” means for OTTera to provide “the complete infrastructure to build applications, fast channels, distribute those across all major platforms and also monetize them,” something they continuously work on growing even further.

Present at Content Americas, the company was keen on extending its partnerships and alliances in this space even further throughout the Latin American region.

“We are continuing to expand our footprint with professionals from the ad sales business. We have an understanding in that formula of how to communicate the similarities between FAST and broadcast advertising. We are looking to expand our teams and their ability to pitch and sale this in various territories”, he explained.

In the specific case of Latin America, the differences between countries, languages and cultures plays a big part in content providers’ strategies, something OTTera is an expert on.

“It’s complex because Latin America is different than the US. And country by country things are different. They way ads are managed in Mexico is different from how opportunities are managed in Venezuela or Argentina”, he explained.

“And the time that we’ve spent understanding these nuances between territories gives us an added perspective and advantage in approaching those markets. Because we understand how they’re currently working on the broadcast side and we find ways to adapt that to FAST channels and the VOD space”, he added.

OTTera also helps companies to launch their own streaming services, something the CEO believes is going to be “the future in this space”.

“A lot of broadcasters are going to develop multiple FAST channels and accompanying streaming services to package multiple FAST channels and VOD, and have their strategies of bringing their broadcast ad sales into the digital ad sales space. And we will be the partner to help all of that come together,” he concluded.

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