Under the new alliance, the white label OTT and FAST Channel service will deliver TV Azteca’s pay TV channels to Samsung TV Plus in the Mexican region.

OTTera, white label OTT and FAST Channel service, announced today they will partner with TV Azteca, the world’s second largest producer of Spanish-language programming, to deliver TV Azteca’s pay TV channels to Samsung TV Plus in the Mexican region.

OTTera will deliver and monetize three TV Azteca Pay TV Channels: Azteca Uno Delay -1 hour, Corazón and Clic to Samsung TV Plus. As one of the top multimedia companies in Mexico, Mexico City-based TV Azteca provides quality Spanish-language content, ranging from national TV networks to local broadcasts, to a wide ranging group of viewers in the territory.

“We are excited for this opportunity to work with TV Azteca to expand into what we call the “BroadFAST” space, the movement of traditional Broadcast channels into the FAST arena,” said Stephen L. Hodge, Chairman and CEO of OTTera, Inc. “As FAST channel growth continues to skyrocket in every corner of the globe, TV Azteca is poised to move quickly and easily into this market. Their high quality programming and broad appeal has already given them the edge among viewers.”

“This strategic alliance with OTTera will allow us a greater distribution of the TV Azteca channel portfolio with Samsung mainly, and in the near future with other smart TV producers in Mexico and LATAM. We are very excited about this agreement,” said Jorge Gutiérrez, Sales Director of TV Azteca International.

OTTera, headquartered in Los Angeles with divisions in Latam, EU, MENA, CIS and China, connects local publishers and content owners with the largest connected TV companies in the FAST arena, to expand their channels to accommodate new viewership habits and changing demographics around the world.