The event is already bringing together more than 40 exhibitors and 400 accredited professionals from the union who will be able to learn about and study the more than 210 projects currently presented.

Two months after its launch, the call for the first edition of Iberseries Platino Industria already brings together more than 40 exhibitors and 400 accredited professionals from the guild who will be able to meet and study the more than 210 projects currently presented.

The deadline to participate in any of the programs of this event remains open, until August 9 in the case of IPI Pitch, August 20 for IPI Plaza and September 3 to arrange meetings with private funds.

Among the names that have confirmed their presence as speakers at the largest event in Ibero-American audiovisuals are Mónica Lozano from Alebrije Cine y Video and President of the Mexican Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences (Mexico), Fernando de Fuentes from Ánima (Mexico), Francisco E. Cordero from BTF Media (USA), Alba Barneda Saiz from Canada (Spain), Enrique González Kühn from Caramel Films (Spain), Ana Piñeres from CMO Producciones and President of Egeda (Colombia), Gloria Saló from GECA (Spain ), Ignacio R. De Medina from Grupo Black Panther (Spain), Beatriz Navas from the Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts (Spain), Antonio Saura from Latido Films (Spain), Pilar de Benito de Morena Films (Spain), Sandra Magro Ruiz from Mrs. Greenfilm (Spain), Lucas Figueroa from Mr. Monkey CP and CEO of New Frequency (Spain), María Rua Aguete from Omdia (UK), Alejandro Rojas from Parrot Analytics (USA), Elena Vilardell from Programa Ibermedia (Spain) José Manuel Pacheco de Secu oya Studios (Spain), Joyce Zylberger from Screen Capital (Chile), Carlos Quintanilla from Telemundo Streaming Studios (USA); Claudia Fernández from WarnerMedia Latin America (Mexico), Erik Barmack from Wild Sheep Content (USA), as well as screenwriters Curro Royo, Juana Uribe and Alba Lucio.

Buyers such as Juan Crespo from 3CFilms (Argentina), Alfonso López from Alphaville Cinema (Mexico), Juliana Jacobsen from BF Distribution (Chile), Leyla Formoso from Corus Entertainment (Canada), Francisco Giménez from Hemisphere Media Group ( USA), Leopoldo Jiménez from Nueva Era Films (Mexico), José Ramón Ganchegui from SomosTV (USA) or Cecilia Gómez de la Torre from Tondero Producciones (Peru).

Those accredited in this audiovisual appointment will participate in the activities programmed around Iberseries Platino Industria (IPI Pitch, IPI Lab and IPI Plaza), whose goal is to give rise to training and bring audiovisual projects in development or finished to producers, buyers, sellers international and content platforms, offering in turn a space for the encounter between those who seek and offer, between those who buy and sell, between talent and the market.

Registration is made through the link enabled in the private professional area of, which is accessed with the username and password received, after formalizing the accreditation process in Iberseries Platino Industria.

Iberseries Platino Industria is an initiative of EGEDA and Fundación Secuoya, which seeks to provide visibility to feature films and fiction series of an Ibero-American scope or theme, enhance the talent of creators and promote international co-production as a key formula to consolidate projects.

The first edition of Iberseries Platino Industria will bring together from September 27 to October 1, 2021 the most relevant creators, executives, platforms, televisions and agents of the audiovisual sector in Spanish and Portuguese, with professional activities where there will be room for the exhibition of world premieres , training proposals, high-level conferences, pitching sessions and networking spaces.

The meeting will offer screenings, talks, workshops and other activities aimed at different sectors of the film and series industry, with the aim of building bridges, fostering dialogue and establishing cultural and economic links that promote the present and draw the future of the Ibero-American audiovisual.

The professional accreditation in Iberseries Platino Industria will allow you to enjoy the exclusive face-to-face programming of PRO Activities.

In addition, this same accreditation, in its face-to-face or virtual modality, will give access to IPI ON, an online business area that will make it possible to schedule face-to-face and virtual meetings, generate a personalized agenda of activities and contacts, as well as and access conferences and content Streaming exclusives available until October 15.