The series marks the companies’ first co-production and united some of the most talented actors and filmmakers in the Dominican Republic.

Pantaya, the premium streaming destination for world-class movies and series in Spanish, and Dominican based production company, Caribbean Films, announced today their newest original series Líos de Familia (Trouble in The Building), which wrapped principal photography in the Dominican Republic today.

The series marks the companies’ first co-production united some of the most talented actors and filmmakers in the country.

Starring iconic comedians Raymond Pozo (Que León) and Miguel Céspedes (Que León), with Cheddy García (Trabajo Sucio), the series is directed by Frank Perozo (Colao) one of the most accomplished Dominican actors/directors, with the experienced José Enrique Pintor (Culpables) serving as co-director. Pintor co-wrote the comedic script with Juan Tejeda (Paraiso Para 2); Kendy Yanoreth serves as a General Producer for the show. The series will be released in the U.S. and Puerto Rico on Pantaya in the first quarter of 2022.

Líos de Familia follows the residents of a colorful middle-class building in Santo Domingo in which viewers will see characters from all walks of life. There is the disgraced politician Esteban (Miguel Céspedes) and his wife Cristina (Marta González), who somehow owns two apartments in Building 28. There is the God-fearing bank worker Job (Raymond Pozo) raising his teenage son Josué while pining for his neighbor Maritza (Cheddy García), a hairdresser who works out of home and lives with her own teen daughter Shanty (Rosemary Herrand) and rambunctious mom Yaya (Ana María Arias). There’s also music producer Rodo (Irving Alberti), his young charge, a rapper called Milloneta (Nino Freestyle), and The Girls (including Candy Flow) who make a living via web cam subscriptions, streaming their lives from their 4th-floor apartment. Can this disparate cast of characters become a real family in the end?

“Pantaya has been very successful attracting the large and growing Caribbean audience in the U.S. specifically with movies from Caribbean Films such as Que León, Colao, No Es Lo Que Parece and many others. The logical next step in our relationship was to create an original premium series which we are confident will become a must-watch for the United States Dominican and Puerto Rican audiences,” commented Paul Presburger, CEO of Pantaya.

“Collaborating with Gregory Quinn and Zumaya Cordero from Caribbean Films and the magnificent cast that is part of this series, including the Dominican Kings of Comedy Raymond and Miguel, is just the first step,” he concluded.

“Pantaya’s vision and long-term commitment to Latin American Film is unparalleled in the industry. They understand the nuances of the U.S. Hispanic market and that is clearly reflected in the depth and diversity of their library and originals. We are proud to partner with the Pantaya team again on this occasion,” commented Gregory Quinn, Managing Partner of Caribbean Films.

The talented Caribbean cast of Líos de Familia includes Irving Alberti (Que León), Kenny Grullón (Todas las Mujeres son Iguales), Marta González (Flow Calle), Ana María Arias (Colao), Anderson Humor (No Es Lo Que Parece), Candy Flow (No Es Lo Que Parece), Rosmery Herrand (La Vida de los Reyes), Ulda Capell (La Vida de los Reyes), Brea Frank (Flow  Calle), Anyelina Sánchez (Los Leones),  Ramcelis De Jesús, Luis Bryan Mesa (Malpaso), recording artist Nino Freestyle, with special guests Jorge Pabón Molusco (Los Domirriqueños) and Television personality Francisca Lachapel (Univision’s Despierta América and 2015’s Nuestra Belleza Latina Winner).

Líos de Familia is executive produced by James McNamara and Anjanette Delgado from Pantaya, and Gregory Quinn and Zumaya Cordero at Caribbean Films.