Under the terms of the deal, Corazón Films will produce premium original series exclusively for the streamer.

Continuing to build upon and secure its industry leadership position with a robust lineup of feature films, original series and other high-quality entertainment offerings for Hispanic/Latino audiences, Pantaya, the premiere U.S. Hispanic/Latino SVOD service, has signed a multiyear joint venture with Corazón Films, producer and co-creator of the hit show El Juego de las Llaves, and of the upcoming highly anticipated show Mi Tío, starring José Eduardo Derbez and Ariadne Díaz.

Under the terms of the deal, Corazón Films will produce premium original series exclusively for the streamer. The first project under the deal is Erotica, a sexy anthology series that explores the realm of fantasy in a similar way as Red Shoe Diaries, but following the POV of female desires that is characteristic of Corazón Film´s previous work, and which will debut a staggering number of 8 new female directors. The CEO of Corazón Films will remain Eckehardt von Damm, and the Head of the new Joint Venture from the Corazón Films side will be Sandro Halphen, former Director of Development of the company.

Paul Presburger, CEO of Pantaya stated, “We are delighted to be embarking on this new partnership with the incredible team at Corazón Films who has a remarkable track record of creating exciting, fan favorite content enjoyed by audiences around the world. Our professional relationship with Eckie and Sandro has been a big part of the success of Pantaya. Together, we developed a working shorthand that is hard to find as well as a great friendship, we are excited to make it official and step into the future together as well as share our new projects with Pantaya subscribers soon.”

Eckehardt von Damm, who is one of the most experienced Mexican theatrical distributors, film producer and entertainment executive in history, commented: “Historically our main business is bringing people into movie theaters, but we have proven that we are equally adept at creating amazing and successful new series narratives for streaming”.

Sandro Halphen added that Pantaya was the first platform that believed in our well calculated forecast from 2017, that eventually distributors who did not make their own content would die. “However, we never expected our content to become central in the structure of our company and we can now proudly say that Corazón is not only the leading independent distributor in the territory, but thanks to this fantastic alliance with Pantaya, we are now, without a doubt one of the most important production companies in Mexico. We expect to continue to grow further and bring back to the Latin world something that has not existed for decades: a successful film and television STUDIO”.

Pantaya has aggressively ramped up production capacity of original content for the service which continues to attract widening audience demographics. To do this, the streamer has secured several new content partnerships including a multiyear direct-to-platform deals with prominent production companies El Estudio, The Lift, and Traziende Films; a co-development and production deal with Elefantec Global; as well as a deal with Fremantle and Fabula to develop a slate new series that will be released on Pantaya. The streamer has also recently partnered with top-tier Latin talent to produce film and television content including Maite Perroni, Mauricio Ochmann, and Fernanda Castillo.