ViacomCBS’ OTT platform presented its new content original premium content slate for Latin America, which will premiere during Q3, 2021.

Paramount+, the streaming service from ViacomCBS, unveiled its new slate of premium original content to premiere in Latin America, including Brazil, as early as Q3 2021. The slate, which further expands the streaming service’s vast global content lineup, is produced by ViacomCBS’s global studio, VIS, in partnership with world-renowned content creators and producers.

“Our primary focus is to bring together the greatest storytellers from around the globe to create locally relevant stories that resonate with our Paramount+ subscribers,” said JC Acosta, President of ViacomCBS International Studios and Networks Americas. “We’re honored to partner with the premiere, globally renowned content creators and voices to add even more value to our incredible Paramount+ offering.”

The initial list of Paramount+ originals for Latin America includes: La Gran Ola (The Greatest Wave), JG Ballard Adaptation w/t, At Midnight, Medusa (Jellyfish), Susana, Invitada de Honor (Guest of Honor with Susana), Dr. Ballí, Adriano Imperador (Adriano The Emperor), Rio Shore, As Seguidoras (The Followers), El Primero de Nosotros (The First of Us), El Día Menos Pensado (When You Least Expect It), Ricardo Arjona – Hecho A La Antigua (Made The Old Fashioned Way), Os Fora Da Lei (The Outlaws), Anderson “The Spider” Silva, Siendo Pampita (Being Pampita), Marley & Mirko, Manos Arriba Chef (Hands Off Chef), Parot, Nieva en Benidorm (It Snows In Benidorm), Cecilia and Los Enviados (The Envoys)

• LA GRAN OLA (THE GREATEST WAVE) – Starring internationally renowned actor Diego Boneta and based on a true story, this biopic series portrays the incredible life of Carlos “Coco” Nogales, known as one of the best big wave surfers in the world. Escaping from his humble beginnings and traumatic childhood in Mexico City, he decides to run away and live on the streets. Some years later, Coco flies to Puerto Escondido, where he finds his passion for the waves and becomes one of the town’s most famous child surf prodigies. He then begins his journey across the U.S. border, risking his life to chase his dream. To this day, Coco is considered one of the world’s best professional big-wave surfers.

• JG BALLARD ADAPTATION w/t – Featuring talented Academy Award® nominated actor, Demián Bichir (“Land,” “The Midnight Sky,” “Godzilla Vs Kong,” “The Hateful Eight,” and “A Better Life”) starring, executive producing, and directing, written by acclaimed novelist Juan Villoro, and produced by Academy Award® winner Frida Torresblanco, this limited series is based on “The Air Disaster” by J.G. Ballard (“Crash”), a story from one of the greatest and most prophetic authors in the world. This project reveals the reality of the violence and danger journalists encounter while covering the drug trafficking war between Mexico and the U.S and has been greenlit. The series revolves around the love story between Ted, a Mexican American journalist, and Alice, a war correspondent, who had an affair during the Iraqi war and meet up again covering the Acapulco film festival. The breaking news of an airplane crash carrying dozens of Hollywood stars brings them together once again, both ending up in the wrong place, facing the aangers of a lawless land. Demian is represented at CAA. The Ballard estate is represented by the UK agency Casarotto Ramsay & Associates.

• AT MIDNIGHT – Starring International superstar Diego Boneta, At Midnight is a romantic comedy about two people who have made the “safe” choice not to fall in love. Alejandro lives a predictable life that is going according to his well-thought-out plan. Grace is a gorgeous movie star on the rise with an unreliable celebrity boyfriend. All this changes when fate brings them together. Written by Giovanni Porta, the film will be produced by Diego Boneta’s production company, Three Amigos, in partnership with a blockbuster team of co-producers that includes Dave Bernon, Automatik, the production company owned by Brian Kavanaugh Jones and Fred Berge, producer of the Academy Award®️ winning film La La Land, Michel Franco and Erendira Nuñez Larios’ company, Teorema and talent agency COLOURSCMX.

• MEDUSA (JELLYFISH) – A nail-biting thriller that revolves around a group of friends who escape to a paradise resort for a weekend getaway. Tension is high when one of the friends is killed and discovered stabbed on the beach. As all the group members are subjected to questioning by the police, and each one offers their different version of what could have happened, everyone becomes a suspect. No one is telling the truth, and the killer is hiding amongst them.

• SUSANA, INVITADA DE HONOR (GUEST OF HONOR WITH SUSANA) – For the firsttime, regionally renowned superstar Susana Giménez will be the guest as she visits friends and other international celebrities at their luxurious homes. While she candidly interviews her hosts, audiences will have a seat at the table as well, while their favorite stars share with Susana their first-rate experiences, meals, activities, and much more.

• DR. BALLÍ – Dr. Ballí is a docuseries based on the life of Alfredo Ballí, a doctor from Monterrey, Mexico, that was convicted for murdering his lover and has inspired the creation of one of the most chilling villains in literature and film, Hannibal Lecter. Dr. Balli will be directed by award-winning journalist and author Diego Enrique Osorno.

• ADRIANO IMPERADOR (ADRIANO THE EMPEROR) – A documentary series about the life of one of Brazil’s greatest soccer legends – Adriano The Emperor. As a boy, Adriano lived in one of Brazil’s largest favelas in Rio de Janeiro, but even once he became a soccer star, his love for his hometown was strong, and he turned his back on million-dollar contracts, fame, and fortune to live alongside “his people.” Adriano the Emperor will take us on the superstar athlete’s journey, from his humble beginnings in the streets of the favela, his rise to soccer stardom, the lifestyle of fame and excess it brought, and the decisions he made along the way that changed his life forever.

• RIO SHORE – Based on the successful MTV global format of Jersey and Acapulco Shore comes the latest production of the groundbreaking MTV franchise, Rio Shore, which follows the lives of ten housemates at a vacation home in Río de Janeiro, Brazil. The popular format that has been successful worldwide promises to give fans everything they love – friendship, drama, over-the-top arguments, undefined love triangles, and outrageous antics in one of the hottest beach destinations in the world.

• AS SEGUIDORAS (THE FOLLOWERS) – A dark comedy thriller from the brilliant Porta dos Fundos Team, written by Manuela Cantuária and featuring Brazilian actresses, Maria Bopp and Raissa Chaddad. As Seguidoras revolves around a digital influencer, Liv, who becomes obsessed with her image and is willing to protect it at all costs. Her story takes a turn for the worse when she is attacked by a stalker and kills him in self-defense. Liv decides to get rid of the body and go on with her perfect life without knowing that something profound has changed inside her – she’s discovered a new talent for murder, and now, this seemingly harmless digital influencer becomes a serial killer beyond suspicion.

• EL PRIMERO DE NOSOTROS (THE FIRST OF US) – This dramedy follows a group of friends whose lives are forever changed in the wake of unexpected news that inspires them to explore their feelings and find the real meaning of life. The First of Us is written by Ernesto Korovsky and Romina Moretto in collaboration with Micaela Libson and Juan Ciuffo. The cast includes Benjamín Vicuña, Paola Krum, Luciano Castro, Jorgelina Aruzzi, Damián de Santo, and Mercedes Funes.

• EL DIA MENOS PENSADO (WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT) w/t – A VIS production in collaboration with Z Studios, El Día Menos Pensado (w/t) sets out to explore all facets of human relationships. Written by Cristóbal Garrido and Adolfo Valor, the drama series begins when the lives of four strangers intersect at a support group for widowed parents: a young mother who has lost the love of her life, a rock musician who is a stranger to his children, a conservative family man who thinks he has everything under control, and a pregnant young woman who made a promise to her dying boyfriend. Under the guidance of a no-nonsense psychologist, together they will try to overcome their grief while striving to become better parents. The series is directed by Alejo Flah and stars Francesc Orella, Blanca Portillo, Marta Hazas, Erick Elías and Alba Planas.

• RICARDO ARJONA, HECHO A LA ANTIGUA (MADE THE OLD-FASHIONED WAY) – A must-see Paramount+ exclusive concert with Ricardo Arjona. With more than 20 million records sold and a career that spans 30 years, he is one of the most successful Latin American artists of all time. The concert was filmed in the 18th-century convent of Las Capuchinas in Guatemala, Ricardo Arjona’s birthplace, alongside 30 musicians. Surrounded by more than 5,000 candles set throughout the circular patio of the convent, Arjona’s music is elevated by the acoustics of the monument, making this an experience you won’t soon forget.

• OS FORA DA LEI (THE OUTLAWS) – An action-comedy film created and directed by Guel Arraes, responsible for the greatest comedy hits in Brazil, such as A Grande Família, O Auto da Compadecida, and Os Normais, and the director Ana Luiza Azevedo, International EMMY® Award winner per Doce de Mãe. The film is about six people that become outlaws on motorcycles. Kelson is a thief, and his motorcycle is a getaway vehicle, but he needs a better one to outrun the more powerful police motorcycles. Fernando, who owns a chop shop of stolen vehicles, sells Kelson a motorcycle that once belonged to Brasalite, a dangerous criminal apprehended by the police and is serving time in prison. Suzi is a police officer who diverts the vehicles of imprisoned criminals, a thief robbing other thieves. Things get complicated when Brasalite leaves prison and wants his bike back, along with the head of the person that has it. Together with Kelson’s younger sister, Jéssica, and his lawyer Odair, this group of outlaws will struggle to outrun the law on their motorcycles.

• ANDERSON “THE SPIDER” SILVA – This scripted biopic series tells the story of Brazilian mixed martial artist Anderson “The Spider” Silva, from his humble beginnings to becoming the greatest fighting champion in history. Born in São Paulo but raised by his aunt on the outskirts of Curitiba, Silva learned to fight for survival since he was a child. Silva held odd jobs, including as an office boy, security guard and a fast-food employee, but his greatest passion was fighting. As a young child, Silva practiced Taekwondo, Jiu￾Jitsu, and Muay Thai, later becoming a black belt in all these martial arts practices. As an adult, Silva entered the world of professional fighting, winning his first world title in Japan. He went on to become the greatest champion in UFC history, defending his belt and perfect record by not losing a single fight for seven years. This series will take us on an incredible journey that will inspire everyone inside and outside of the ring.

• SIENDO PAMPITA (BEING PAMPITA) – A ten-part docu-style series that showcases the life of renowned Argentinean TV host and model, Carolina “Pampita” Ardohain. Audiences are invited inside her world as she opens the door to her life as a businesswoman, celebrity, mother, and wife.

• MARLEY & MIRKO – An exclusive look into the life of one of the most beloved Argentinian TV hosts, Alejandro “Marley” Wiebe, and his son Mirko. This series shows their day-to￾day life and what it is like to raise a child as a single parent while reflecting on their relationship as father and son.

• MANOS ARRIBA CHEF (HANDS OFF CHEF) – Renown Argentinean professional chefs, Germán Martitegui, Donato De Santis, and Damián Betular, will compete against each other to find out who is the best chef among them by teaming up with other participants to prepare signature dishes in a timed competition, while they cannot use their own hands tocook.

• PAROT – Written by Pilar Nadal (showrunner), Alonso Laporta, Olga Salvador, Mauricio Romero, Luis Murillo Arias, and Luis Murillo Moreno, Parot is a coproduction between RTVE and VIS in collaboration with Onza, based on the 2013 decision to overturn Spain’s “Parot Doctrine.” This amendment denied people convicted of severe crimes specific rights granted by Spanish law that limited or reduced the maximum term of imprisonment, freeing almost a hundred prisoners. Directed by Gustavo Ron and Rafael Montesinos, Parot has a stellar cast that includes Adriana Ugarte, Iván Massagué, Blanca Portillo, Javier Albalá, Antonio Dechent and Michell Brown.

• NIEVA EN BENIDORM (IT SNOWS IN BENIDORM) – This feature-length film is a co￾production between VIS, El Deseo, Pedro Almodóvar’s production company, RTVE and Movistar, and is directed by Isabel Coixet. The Spanish drama stars Timothy Spall, Sarita Choudhury, Carmen Machi, Ana Torrent, and Pedro Casablanc, and tells the story of Peter Riordan, a solitary and methodical man obsessed with meteorological phenomena. When he retires early from the Manchester bank where he has worked his entire life, he decides to visit his brother, Daniel, who lives in Benidorm. Upon his arrival, he discovers that his brother, who owns a burlesque club, has disappeared. Together with Alex, a mysterious woman who works at the club, and a policeman obsessed by the presence of Sylvia Plath there in the fifties, they try to find out what happened to Daniel.

As previously announced

• CECILIA – Created by Oficina Burman and featuring Mariana Treviño (Club de Cuervos, Narcos: México, 100 Días Para Enamorarnos), Cecilia is a modern-day dramedy about a woman who suffers a stroke and struggles to keep her family together while rebuilding her life. Cecilia’s cast also includes Erik Hayser, Michel Brown, and Martín Altomaro.

• LOS ENVIADOS (THE ENVOYS) – This is the first series co-produced by Academy Award ® winning director and screenwriter Juan José Campanella and his production company, 100 Bares. With a cast that includes Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Luis Gerardo Méndez, and Irene Azuela, The Envoys is written by Leandro Calderone, Emanuel Diaz and Molo Alcocer; and directed by Campanella together with Martino Zaidelis, Camilo Antolini and Hiromi Kamata. The Envoys is an action-thriller that follows the life of two unconventional priests, who are part of an elite force led by the Vatican and exclusively dedicated to corroborating the veracity of miracles. Both are sent to the Mexican town of San Acacio to investigate Rafael Quintana, a priest who is known for performing miraculous healings in a psychiatric ward.

These Paramount+ originals will add to the mega lineup of global content and originals on the premium streaming platform offers, such as The Handmaid’s Tale, No Activity, Strange Angel, Nickelodeon Animation Studio’s Kamp Koral: SpongeBob’s Under Years, Two Weeks to Live, Yellowstone, Killing Eve, and SHOWTIME® drama series, Your Honor.

Other SHOWTIME originals include The Good Lord Bird, The Comey Rule, and Escape at Dannemora. MTV and Comedy Central global formats available on the service include Acapulco Shore: Sus Historias, Families of the Mafia, Se Renta Cuartos and La Culpa es de Malinche in Spanish-speaking countries, and DEFEX Brazil, A Treta Não Tira Férias, Jersey Shore, and A Culpa e do Cabral in Brazil