The hit series, produced by VIS, RTVE and Onza, took home top honors in the Best Screenplay category at the Berlin TV Series Festival.

Parot, the hit series produced by VIS, a division of ViacomCBS, in association with RTVE and in collaboration with Onza, brings home top honors in the Best Screenplay category at the Berlin TV Series Festival. The series recently premiered in Latin America exclusively on Paramount+ and will soon premiere in Spain on TVE, after having been available on Amazon Prime Video in the region.

“It was an exciting project for our studio to develop Parot, with its amazing caliber of actors and creators who worked together to bring this engaging story to life,” said Federico Cuervo, Senior Vice President and Director of VIS Americas. “We are thrilled that this amazing project has been recognized by such an esteemed jury of internationally recognized industry critics at the Berlin TV Series Festival.”

“We are very happy and grateful for this award to Parot,” commented Gonzalo Sagradia, CEO of ONZA and Executive Producer of the series. “My sincere congratulations to the entire writing team. Their undeniable talent has shown through and we are very proud of the magnificent work that they have created.”

Parot stars Adriana Ugarte, Javier Albalá, Ivan Massagué, Blanca Portillo, Patricia Vico, Nicole Wallace and Michel Brown. It was directed by Rafael Montesinos and Gustavo Ron and created by Pilar Nadal, Alonso Laporta Luis Murillo A. and Luis Murillo M., who were scriptwriters on the series alongside Olga Salvador and Mauricio Romero.

Parot is a 10-episode sociopolitical thriller based on the controversial annulment of the Parot doctrine by the Strasbourg Court in 2013 which, limited or reduced prisoners’ sentences for work and studies and released almost a hundred terrorists, rapists, and multiple killers into society. Many of those released were later found murdered in the same way as their own victims. The investigation of these murders is led by Isabel Mora, an idealistic, professional, and rigorous inspector, with a traumatic past, and by her colleague Jorge Nieto, a cynical and disillusioned policeman who constantly complains about the system.