Exclusive movie demand white paper unpacks the future of theatricality and reveals how movie demand data will result in better strategic decision making for the industry

Parrot Analytics released Movie Demand, the latest product in the company’s Demand360 global audience analytics product suite. Movie Demand provides unrivaled insights into global and country-specific audience demand for tens of thousands of movies across all platforms and languages in 100+ markets.

Movie Demand is the third product now offered as part of Parrot Analytics’ Demand360 suite, alongside TV Demand and Talent Demand, providing industry stakeholders with an unparalleled overview of the entertainment ecosystem.

Movie Demand powers the film business value chain by empowering entertainment companies to analyze demand for movies, helping them to optimize their content decisions and enabling them to monetize audiences on a global scale.

“With Movie Demand, alongside our existing TV Demand and Talent Demand products, we’re thrilled to provide a complete end-to-end global audience demand measurement platform for the media and entertainment industry. Movie Demand is a game changer for the business, as the future of theatricality demands an increasingly data-driven approach,” said Wared Seger, CEO at Parrot Analytics. “By understanding global and country-specific audience demand for movies, studios, producers, and distributors can make better informed decisions about their content strategy, windowing and marketing. Our multiple years of daily, country-specific movie demand data will help provide savvier decision making on concept testing, windowing, box office forecasting, pre-release marketing and distribution.”

Armed with Movie Demand, development and production studios are able to understand which genres represent an opportunity for development or acquisition, which franchises are most in-demand, what the impact of a new release on established IP might be or what brands or talent are most aligned with a movie’s audience. Financing companies, in turn, are able to quantify how much an individual film or library catalog is worth to a platform as well as which OTT platform is winning the most audiences for a particular genre.

Parrot Analytics today also released an in-depth, exclusive white paper to reveal how movie demand data results in better strategic decision making. You can download the Movie Demand white paper for free clicking here.

“In order to best understand how demand for a film will play out, it is critical to not only look at a film’s opening weekend box office results, but to understand the global audience demand for that film in all windows,” said Julia Alexander, Director of Strategy at Parrot Analytics. “This is the only way to get a true understanding of how a film is performing and what its future value to a studio, SVOD, or producer might be. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the theatrical question. The answer at minimum depends on the genre, the market, the platform, and the window. Our Movie Demand product is designed to help industry stakeholders make the best decisions, allowing businesses to leverage audience demand for movies on a global scale.”

Movie Demand, now available in Demand360, empowers distributors to understand when the optimal time is to release a movie, what the revenue longevity of a title in each window is and how likely a movie is going to influence audiences to watch it in theaters.

For marketers, Movie Demand, paired with Audience Insights, reveals the gender skew of a movie’s audience, how a movie is tracking before it is released relative to competitive titles, as well as understanding the ROI of media spend along with optimal channel allocation.