Through the new alliance, the analytics company will use its demand and travelability data to optimize Dopamine’s marketing plans for its original series.

Parrot Analytics, a leading data analytics company that specializes in optimizing TV industry workflows through its global demand data and analyses, has partnered with Mexico’s innovative development and production company, Dopamine, a division of Grupo Salinas.

Through the new alliance, Parrot Analytics will supercharge Dopamine’s content development processes and maximize marketing ROI.

“As a company focused on bringing unique and engaging Spanish content from Mexico to the rest of the world, we need to anticipate global programming trends and universal themes that resonate with viewers across all regions,” said Fidela Navarro, CEO of Dopamine.

“Being able to work with Parrot Analytics and leverage the power of big data to gauge market-by-market impact is incredibly valuable. These insights will inform and invigorate our marketing workflows and help us iterate and adapt as needed.”

“Dopamine is a cutting-edge company that is as disruptive as it is creative. They immediately recognized the value of the Parrot Analytics’ global demand data and travelability analysis to help them predict audience demand for its original series in Mexico and other regions around the world,” said Alejandro Rojas, Regional Director of Parrot Analytics, Latin America.