Parrot Analytics published a Whitepaper for MipCancun, explaining the main opportunities Latin America is offering for content across different genres.

Consulting firm Parrot Analytics published a new Whitepaper titled “Battle Studies: News from the Frontlines of the Streaming Wars in Latin America”, which analyzes the main opportunities Latin America is offering for different content genres.

The report identified that the Superhero series are today one of the most demanded contents in the region. And also one of the least available.

This combination makes this genre one with high potential for the region, either with original production or licensed products.

Other genres that have the same relationship (that is, high demand and low availability) are anthology series, anime, telenovelas, and LGBTQ-themed shows.

On the other hand, science fiction, a genre in which although there is a high availability of titles, the demand is double, so it can support even more supply.

Parrot also highlighted in its Whitepaper that Latin America is a “fertile” region for the consumption of children’s content. And that these come from a multitude of territories, like the US in the case of SpongeBob or PAW Patrol; Japan in the case of anime; or Europe, like the Russian animation Masha and the Bear.

And which ones work less? According to Parrot data, documentaries in all their variants (travel, nature, science, biographies, etc.) perform worse in Latin America than in other regions.


Another of Parrot’s conclusions for Latin America is the importance of finding the right talent to promote productions, whether they are fictions or documentaries.

In this sense, the company found that in Latin America the most recognized talents come from the world of music. The demand for talent from the world of music, in fact, is 43% higher in Latin America than the global average.

Thus, they conclude, involving musical talents can be a good idea to boost demand for a given production. In fact, they noted, there are companies that are already doing it with documentary series about Maluma, J Balvin or Anitta.

Korean bands BTS and Blackpink, meanwhile, are, according to Parrot, two talents to consider for the region.