The fiction co-produced by Viacom International Studios, Mediapro and Oficina Burman, premiered on the Argentine network this Monday as the highest-rated show in prime time.

Pequeña Victoria, the anticipated dramedy co-produced by Viacom Internaciotional Studios with The Mediapro Studio and Oficina Burman, finally made its debut in Argentina.

The series premiered on Monday September 16 at 10:15pm on Telefe, starting out with a 15.0 rating, following Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? which coincidentally scored its best result to date with a 16.0 rating.

The comedy rose to a 16.0 rating throughout most of the broadcast, spiking up to 17.3 at times.

With these numbers, Pequeña Victoria surpassed its direct competitor, Argentina, tierra de amor y venganza on El Trece, and kept its leadership against the start of Showmatch.

Starring Julieta Díaz, Natalie Pérez, Inés Estévez and Mariana Genesio, the series begins with the birth of a baby, which will unite the paths of four women with different realities: Jazmín (Díaz), Bárbara (Pérez), Selva (Estévez) and Emma (Genesio).

They will transgress the subrogation protocols and decide to share the upbringing of Victory, who will challenge them and challenge them to love. These women will find a healing bond that will not be given by motherhood but by the relationship that the four will build, around the daughter of all.

Victoria’s arrival will also bring a love story for each of her mothers, by the hand of Luciano Castro, Facundo Arana, Daniel Hendler and Nicolás Francella.