ViacomCBS’s free service is launching six new channels and its first live channel, Telefe Noticias, which will also inaugurate its News category.

Pluto TV, the leading free advertising-supported television streaming service, announced its first live channel and new Noticias category with the premiere of Telefe Noticias.

In addition, ViacomCBS’ AVOD platform also featured the channels Historias de ultratumba, Pluto TV Misterios Médicos, Misterios sin Resolver, All Elite Wrestling and El Reino Infantil.

The live channel of Telefe Noticias allows Pluto TV users to stay informed with all the news offered by Telefe’s news broadcasts.

In addition, Historias de ultratumba offers 24 hours of paranormal experiences and terrifying events that play with the limits of life and the unknown.

For fans of human anatomy, Pluto TV Misterios Médicos presents the strangest medical cases and the most shocking surgeries, performed under the most adverse, rare and controversial conditions.

The Misterios sin resolver channel includes the renowned series presented by Robert Stack. The spookiest cases and mysteries of all time, now available on this channel 24 hours a day.

All Elite Wrestling, meanwhile, broadcasts wrestling 24 hours a day. To see the most spectacular shots and shots, nothing better than tune in to All Elite Wrestling and enjoy a new league of wrestling with the most recognized fighters in the world.

Finally, El Reino Infantil is the channel where the smallest of the house can enjoy the best songs, as well as their favorite characters.

Every month, Pluto TV launches new channels with content from various genres and formats to entertain all types of audiences. Currently, it has 60 channels and agreements with more than 100 content partners in the region, among which are the main television networks, film studios, publishers and digital media companies.

In September, Pluto TV managed to position itself in the region as the second most downloaded entertainment app on the Google Play Store, according to data from Sensor Tower.