Since September 21, the OTT platform reached 100 channels in the 17 Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America and 50 channels in Brazil.

Pluto TV, the free ad-supported streaming television service, achieved an important milestone in Latin America since September 21 when it reached 100 channels in the 17 Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America and 50 channels in Brazil. This marks a turning point for Pluto TV as it continues to expand its footprint in Latin America.

Additionally, Pluto TV now offers over 25,000 hours of premium content straming to viewers in Latin America for free. Pluto TV offers a wide array of from more than 200 content partners, including major television networks, film studios, distributors, and digital media companies.

“We are thrilled with Pluto TV’s amazing performance in Latin America, where it has grown every month since its launch in early 2020,” said Eduardo Lebrija, EVP Chief Commercial Officer of ViacomCBS Networks Americas. “With over 500 brands that have already invested in Pluto TV, we are now entering a phase of reinforcing and expanding our relationships with distribution partners that have found an added value for their users in Pluto TV.”

For Spanish-speaking countries, Pluto TV announced one new channel that was added to the grid as of Tuesday, September 21.

Pluto TV Filmstream (Channel 77) – Enjoy a wide selection of films that tell honest, intimate stories from a catalog of some of the best of world cinema and classic masterpieces.

In Brazil, the platform added three new channels:

As Aventuras de Jackie Chan (Channel 735) – Jackie Chan isn’t a movie star. In The Adventures of Jackie Chan, he is an archeologist, a secret agent, and a martial arts expert that will do anything to protect us from the evil and powerful villains.

Comedy Central Pluto TV (Channel 510) – The best comedy all in one place! The channel that knows humor has curated the best selection of shows and comedians, designed specifically to make sure you laugh uncontrollably.

Nick Teen (Channel 176) – The best and most entertaining programming for teens, tweens, and everything in between.

Popular channels in August for Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America include Pluto TV Cine Estelar, South Park and Estrellas de Acción, and Pluto TV Cine Sucessos, South Park and Pluto TV Filmes Ação in Brazil.

Pluto TV is available on its website as well as LG, Samsung (Tizen & TV+), PlayStation, Hisense, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, iOS, Apple TV, Android Mobile, Android TV, Chromebook & Claro Box TV devices.