Fabiola Flores, Director of Sales for Latin America at Spiral International, explains to ttvnews the main elements of Claim to Fame and Block Out, two new formats for prime time.

Red Arrow Studios International is participating in the current edition of MipCancun, where is presenting two new entertainment formats, with exclusive rights for Latin America.

“We are very happy to attend this edition of MipCancun and [we are here] with a very solid line up. Proof of this are the two formats that are at the top of our catalogue: Claim to Fame and Block Out”, Fabiola Flores, Director of Sales for Latin America at Spiral International, a company that represents Red Arrow Studios International in the region, told ttvnews.

“Those two formats are very innovative and we think they will make a difference for those channels that produce them,” she adds.

Within the new content offer of Red Arrow Studios International for Latin America, there is the competition format Claim to Fame, produced by Kinetic Content for the US network ABC, and within the first two episodes, it became the most viewed.

In Claim to Fame twelve contestants, each of whom has a famous relative, move into a house together and are tasked with deducing which celebrities the other contestants are related to while also keeping their own relationship with each other a secret. the celebrities.

In each episode, the contestants participate in a competition. The winner receives immunity for the round and a bonus clue about another contestant.

At the end of the episode, the contestants secretly vote between the two lowest-ranked performers in the competition to be the “guesser” for the round. The guesser will then pick any other non-immune contestant and announce which celebrity they think the other contestant is related to. If the guesser is correct, the other contestant will be eliminated; if the guesser is wrong, the guesser will be eliminated instead.

“It is a format that has a mixture of guessing and reality. For this season, the grandson of Chuck Norris, the granddaughter of Whoopi Goldberg and the niece of Cindy Crawford participated”, she comments.

“We are very happy that the format was acquired by Warner Bros for ten countries in Europe, and for Latin America we are very excited because we know it is a format that will attract attention,” she underlines.

For its part, Block Out, is a format created by Nippon TV, which mixes skill, dexterity and entertainment, where two teams of four members each, who must dodge a wall that will try to throw them into the void every time their answers are not the correct ones

“This format has already been produced in Spain, the Netherlands and some countries in Asia. Likewise, it has already been licensed by Italy, France and Portugal. We have already presented it in some Latin American countries and it has been very well received. It’s a familiar format for prime time,” she concluded.