Developed by Vestigit, this cutting-edge feature aims to combat the piracy rates in Latin America and addresses the urgent need for action.

Redge Media, the end-to-end OTT platform, is launching an anti-piracy solution with OTT watermarking.

Developed by Vestigit, an AI-based content watermarking expert within the Redge Technologies group, this cutting-edge feature aims to combat the piracy rates in Latin America and addresses the urgent need for action.

Vestigium AI is an advanced anti-piracy system developed by Vestigit. It enables content distributors to regain control of their intellectual property. Seamlessly integrating with video service providers it implements invisible watermark with exceptional resistance to damage. It effectively tracks illegal restreaming and recording, making it invaluable for securing live sporting events and premium VOD. It quickly identifies and blocks pirate sources, leading to account suspension and legal action. Self-training AI watermark and search engine crawlers continuously scan the web to ensure ultimate protection of video content. The solution is part of Redge Media’s security ecosystem.

Redge Media’s product strategy is focused on delivering a comprehensive content security solution that goes beyond traditional measures. As part of its security framework, Redge Media offers a multi-DRM solution, a session management module, DRM as a service and soon to be implemented machine learning based anomaly detection that operates at the CDN layer. This advanced technology enhances their offering by effectively identifying and addressing suspicious activity. Redge Media has further strengthened its content security capabilities by investing in Vestigit, an AI watermarking technology company. This collaboration reinforces their commitment to securing valuable content and enhances overall protection.

“The escalating piracy problem plaguing streaming services is a significant challenge, with losses projected to reach $113 billion by 2027. The problem is particularly prevalent in Latin America, where 40% of internet-connected households are consuming pirated online videos. This highlights the urgent need for effective measures to combat piracy and protect the revenue streams of content creators and distributors in Latin America. That is why Redge Technologies is actively investing in Beyond-DRM solutions such as Vestigit, a robust and comprehensive security solution for online content owners, including sports and live event streaming”, states Przemysław Frasunek, CEO of Redge Technologies.