The online video platform is also available to ISPs in LatAm to deliver live and on-demand TV services in a multiscreen environment.

Redge Media, the leading online video platform in Europe and MENA, has been chosen by the association of local ISPs “MiŚOT Group” in Poland for its 854 members. This solution is also available to ISPs in LATAM to deliver live and on-demand TV services in a multiscreen environment, including Android TV STB with a custom launcher.

Redge Media is the complete technology platform for online video. It can provide UX which is either live-centric or VOD-centric or catered for broadcasters. The solution consists of two main components. Redge Media SDP includes tools for content, user and service management, as well as applications for various end devices, including Android TV set-top boxes. Redge Media VDP is a solution for transcoding, securing and distributing video content by means of CDN.

Small and medium-sized ISPs in LATAM face the challenge of economy-of-scale in delivering TV services. By adopting Redge Media, local ISPs in LATAM can operate their services on a single and shared platform to meet this challenge. This will enable them to compete more effectively with larger operators and successfully deliver services to local communities.

“We believe that by offering our proven platform and technology solutions to local ISPs in LATAM we can help them overcome the challenges they face in delivering TV services. Our platform has been a market leader in Europe and we are confident that it can bring similar benefits to ISPs in LATAM,” states Marek Szymczak, Telco Media Sales Director and Partner Manager at Redge Technologies.