Victoria Vorontsova, Director of RT en Español, spoke to ttvnews about the channel, which offers varied programming through multiple platforms and operators, to stand out from other news networks and reach audiences across the region.

Present in the region for more than a decade, the RT en Español channel has become a flagship for news and current affairs, informing audiences throughout Latin America.

“Since its launch in 2009, RT en Español has entered more than a thousand pay TV operators and has a solid presence in the market,” Victoria Vorontsova, Director of RT en Español, told ttvnews.

This solid presence comes thanks to a unique offer that distinguishes the channel from others in the region, it from other news channels in the region. First, a multi-platform offering that includes cable, satellite, and OTT platforms.

“We collaborate with numerous services because we see that the television market is innovating thanks to new forms of consumption,” the executive explained. “RT together with the operators and platforms offers the audience what they want: to watch the content they want, where and when they choose to, whether it is live over the internet, through packages or by accessing them online.”

On the other hand, a high image quality and variety in the programming offer. “We can highlight that RT strengthens the channel’s offer by offering its signal in HD format, something that differentiates it from other news networks and allows the consumer to enjoy a higher quality experience”, continued the executive.

“Contemporary consumers are looking for something different from what’s found on most channels. RT is perfectly suited to this need, due to the originality and variety of its programming. Another important factor in the current situation is free distribution,” she added.

This offer is made up of several elements, with newscasts as the basis of its broadcast, which air 16 times a day. In addition, the programming grid has analysis programs such as El Zoom and Ahí les va; debate shows like Cartas sobre la mesa; investigative programs like RT reporta, and the entertainment program La lista de Erick. Other than that, the channel broadcasts documentaries every day.

And within that programming, the percentage of self-produced content exceeds 85% of its broadcasts. “We produce the newscasts and most of the programs. As for third-party content, it is mainly documentaries acquired both from the main production companies worldwide, as well as from independent authors and small companies,” explained the director.

With this offer, the channel has been able to reach almost every corner of the region, with platforms and partners of all sizes. “The result of our intense work during these years has been that numerous pay TV operators throughout Latin America offer RT,” said Vorontsova.

“The channel has reached both local providers and large and medium market players. For example, Dish, izzi and Total Play in Mexico, TV Cable in Ecuador, Inter and CANTV in Venezuela, Claro in Nicaragua, Entel in Bolivia, Aster in the Dominican Republic, Tuves and many others. It should be noted that RT is available on open digital television (TDA) in Argentina, Venezuela and Cuba.”

“Among our partners there are many channels and associations from the region. We have been collaborating with some of them for more than 10 years and we can proudly say that we have never failed them. We do not divide the nations of Latin America into first and second-class countries and, therefore, Therefore, we are willing to collaborate with colleagues from any media in the region. We are always happy to receive new partners,” she added.

Already present in practically all the territories of the region, the growth opportunities for RT en Español come from new media and platforms. “Social networks and portable devices are an integral part of life today. The consumption of content through these devices continues to grow and we see it as an opportunity that points us to a new path towards the audience, a path full of challenges,” said the executive.

“The development of multiplatform apps help us distribute the network to a greater number of screens. Our challenge is to be present on various platforms, both independent ones and those of traditional pay TV providers.”

“RT has long held an important position on social media and media platforms. Our YouTube statistics earlier this year broke many of our own records. Despite illegal sanctions imposed against our accounts and channels on YouTube or Twitter, we continue to developing on other platforms such as Telegram, Odysee and VK. We continue to work very hard so that our content reaches the maximum number of people,” she added.

“We are very pleased that RT is seen and read in Latin America. We have many partners and friends there. We hope to maintain and strengthen our current ties and through new contacts, expand our representation in the region,” she concluded.