The Italian group picked up 255 episodes of the Spanish premium daily drama, produced by Bambú Producciones.

Studiocanal, the European producer and distributor of TV series and feature films, has agreed a deal for 255 episodes of Spanish premium daily drama Dos Vidas (Two Lives) to RTI Mediaset.

Spanish language drama Dos Vidas is produced by Ramón Campos and Teresa Fernández-Valdes of award-winning Bambú Producciones, a Studiocanal company.

The significant deal was brokered by Claudia Ramos, Sales Manager at Studiocanal.

Beatriz Campos, SVP Global Sales and Production Financing at Studiocanal comments: “We are extremely pleased to secure this partnership with RTI Mediaset, through the sale of Dos Vidas from our friends and colleagues at Bambú. RTI Mediaset has a strong record of positioning this type of content very successfully on their channels and we are very glad our series has found a premium home. The series is an ambitious drama connecting two strong women in a fascinating universal story of love and family which we are confident will be very attractive to viewers in Italy.”

Dos Vidas has a modern narrative echoing the past and the present. Julia, 36 years old, feels hemmed in by her life in contemporary Madrid… Her dreams to become a fashion designer are gone and she discovers her husband-to-be is planning to migrate to Canada. Last, but not least, she gets a letter from a dying man who says he is her father.

Carmen, 25 years old, lives in Africa, in the Spanish colony of Rio Muni in the 1950s. She has to leave the country after she murdered the son of the most powerful man of the colony, her husband-to-be who harassed her. She leaves her true love, an African man, and her family, to start her life again from scratch back in Spain. Julia, in search of her true identity, goes to her supposed father’s funeral in a remote village in the Spanish countryside. By accident, she finds a hidden box with a dozen note books. She has the diary of her grandmother, a woman called Carmen.