The first season depicts Maxima’s (Delfina Chaves) first encounter with then Crown Prince Willem-Alexander (Martijn Lakemeier) and her way to becoming a public figure, highlighting her determination and ambition

Beta Film is joining forces with Millstreet Films to coproduce and distribute the royal family drama Máxima (6x1h). Principal photography of the high-end TV series for RTL Netherland’s OTT-service Videoland started in June in New York and Spain and will soon move to the Netherlands and Belgium. The six-hour drama is set to have multiple seasons and depicts the life of Argentinian born Máxima Zorreguieta who later became Queen Máxima of the Netherlands.

German star actor Sebastian Koch (The Lives of Others, Your Honour) joins the stellar cast in the role of Claus von Amsberg, the father of Willem- Alexander and Elsie de Brauw (The Death of My Mother) will play Queen Beatrix. Máxima is portrayed by Argentinian star Delfina Chaves (The Secret of the Greco Family), Crown Prince Willem-Alexander, by Martijn Lakemeier (The East).

Máxima is a gripping story based on true events and a modern fairy tale at the same time”, says Justus Riesenkampff, EVP Nordics & Benelux, Beta Film. “A young woman from Argentina marrying into one of the most prestigious royal houses in Europe and eventually becoming the Queen of the Netherlands. It’s a love story, a thrilling drama and a clash of cultures – Argentina’s military junta vs. the royal house of the Netherland – where our protagonists must deal with their opposing familial heritages. This unique combination is why we expect the series to resonate well with audiences across the world.”

Rachel van Bommel, Producer, Millstreet Films: “The strength of this series lies in the point of view of our main character, of Máxima. By experiencing everything from her perspective, the focus is different than one might expect. We will always see the story unfold through her eyes. That is what will capture the viewers’ hearts.”

The first season depicts Maxima’s first encounter with then Crown Prince Willem-Alexander and her way to becoming a public figure, highlighting her determination and ambition, as well as her struggle to balance the loyalty to her family and her own identity. The controversial past of her father and his role in Argentina’s autocratic Videla regime plays an important role and will be told in flashbacks.

Saskia Diesing directs together with Joosje Duk and Iván López Núñez.

The writer’s room was led by Marnie Blok and Ilse Ott, Rachel van Bommel produces for Millstreet Films in coproduction with Beta Film and FBO. Beta Film handles international sales.

Máxima is based on the book Máxima Zorreguieta: Motherland by Marcia Luyten, which was published by De Bezige Bij in the Netherlands, an Argentinian edition was published by Planeta in Buenos Aires in December 2022.