The production and distribution company is celebrating the important anniversary with a new partnership with Emilio Rubio, along with several production projects, including its first drama and animated series.

2022 marks the fifth anniversary of Sabbatical Entertainment, an incubator of ideas, and a producer of tailor-made content, with the range and capacity, both in production and distribution, to make any multimedia project a reality.

Miguel Somoza’s launch of the company was inspired by his desire to take a sabbatical after two decades as an executive of an international conglomerate, to reinvent himself as what he has always been naturally: an entrepreneur. Equal parts sales and marketing professional, and creative producer.

“We can be everything we want to be, without limiting ourselves or allowing outside factors to limit us. For Sabbatical, breaking with the pre-established norms, and creating unique productions, according to the needs of the clients and the audience is our mission. I believe that’s why our content has been consistently well-received and renewed”, Somoza said.

Sabbatical has conceptualized, produced, and distributed a wide range of content, including kids and family, sports, and entertainment series; from short-form capsules, to documentaries, to bespoke custom content, totaling hundreds of hours in different formats and genres, for all types of media. Sabbatical leverages an international network of collaborators, providing a broad perspective when creating content for all types of platforms and channels.

Now, Sabbatical enters an exciting new stage through a partnership with Emilio Rubio, who, after decades of immense corporate success, joins Sabbatical to elevate and develop it into a premier global force.

“Sabbatical is pioneering a new way of production with both high quality and a unique value proposition. Together with Miguel and his team, and the network of talent in multiple countries and languages, we are building an innovative, compelling and profitable content solution for our strategic partners,” Rubio added.

Sabbatical’s slate continues to grow exponentially, as the company is currently producing two new educational series, new documentaries and sports specials, as well as its first drama series and first animated series.

Sabbatical Entertainment: in search of the perfect content, five years and counting.