The daily TV series stars Gökberk Demirci and is to be produced by Bloom Media

Saran Studios expand its catalog by acquiring the global distribution rights of Stepfather, a new daily Turkish series to be produced by Bloom Media.

The daily TV series will be starred by Gökberk Demirci, who has been part of many other successful TV series.

Adapted from Kemalettin Tuğcu’s novel Stepfather (Üvey Baba), the series is a sad tale of two lovers who live in two distant parts of Mount Qaf. A prince who lives in a glorious tower in the nice part of Mount Qaf, with no hope for love… A woman with a fighting spirit who brings the joy of spring to a poverty-stricken area where the sun does not shine… Just as they get to the top of the mountain, life will once again drive them apart despite everything and everyone. There is no happy ending to this tale, as their lovely daughter Lamia will be taken away from them.