Daniel Llanes will be responsible for attracting international formats for Spain and Portugal. Jordi Rosell will join as executive producer and consultant in this initial phase.

Production company Satisfaction Iberia announced the first signing of two executives to lead the company’s content department. The department focuses on creating, adapting, and producing content for networks and platforms in Spain, Portugal, Latin America, and the US Hispanic market.

David Llanes will be responsible for attracting international formats for Spain and Portugal, leading their adaptation, weaving strategic alliances with international partners, sometimes relying on those already sealed by Satisfaction Group, and participating in developing formats. He reports to Daniel Domenjó, CEO and co-founder of Satisfaction Iberia.

Jordi Rosell joins in this initial phase as executive producer and consultant. He has over 25 years of experience as a director and executive producer in local and international projects. He is one of the most sought-after and respected professionals in the Spanish television industry.

Satisfaction Iberia’s CEO commented that they are thrilled with the addition of David Llanes. “His talent and vision, along with his enormous knowledge of the industry and formats in particular, add up to the kind of talent, passion, and commitment we seek in the company. His addition is a gift for the launch of Satisfaction Iberia.”

He mentioned that the addition of Rossel is a dream come true. There is no one in Spain with his prestige and track record. “Jordi, with whom I have a solid friendship, perfectly embodies the values of Satisfaction Iberia: human factor, credibility, humility, and talent. We are deeply grateful to him for joining our team,” he said.