Season two and three of the hit series will premiere exclusively on the platform.

ViX, the world’s leading Spanish-language streaming service, announced today that season two and season three of Senda Prohibida will premiere September 15.

The hit series stars Ela Velden as Nora/Corina, Raúl Méndez as Federico Rubio, José Manuel Rincón as Roberto Rubio,Iliana Fox as Irene Rubio, Delaxa Meneses as Martha Rubio, and Plutarco Haza as Raymundo Corrales.

Senda Prohibida was written by Leticia López Margalli (Instructions Not Included, Dark Desire) Laura Sosa (El señor de los cielos, Al otro lado del muro) Nayura Aragón (Al otro lado del muro, Triptych) directed by Gustavo Ron (Cable Girls, Parot, Velvet Colección, 45 rpm) and produced by Giselle González (Cuna de lobos, Caer en tentación).

Synopsis: Roberto’s future is uncertain. Federico seems to sink deeper and deeper into Nora’s manipulations and Irene tries to understand what has led her husband to a change of attitude in which he seems to be drifting further and further away from her and her family. Aware of the power she wields over the men who desire her, Nora increasingly pushes the boundaries, driven by her great ambition. Meanwhile, Corrales advances in his plan to snatch everything Federico owns and loves.