El Confidencial Digital revealed on Monday that the Spanish singer has managed to put a stop to the project announced by Disney Media Distribution Latin America at the 2018 LA Screenings.

Announced as one of its most exciting projects by Disney Media Distribution Latin America during the 2018 LA Screenings, the production of the series based on the book Secretos Confesables, about the the Life of Julio Iglesias, is reportedly being canceled.

That, at least, is what the Spanish newspaper El Confidencial Digital said this Monday, revealing that Disney would have given up on the project due to clashes with Julio Iglesias himself.

According to the information, the Spanish singer would not approve of the series being based on that book, written by his former manager Alfredo Fraile, and would have been an opponent of the production from the beginning.

Thus, Iglesias reportedly made requests that were just impossible to carry out by Disney, which ultimately opted to cancel the project.

The announcement about the series in May 2018 had achieved great importance inside and outside the industry, with headlines around the world.

The project was expected throughout Latin America after the successes of series such as Hasta que te te saber, based on the life of Juan Gabriel, or Luis Miguel, the series, based on the life of the Mexican singer.