New series Búnker, Código implacable, No nos quieren ver, Sequía and Si nos dejan, along with new seasons of Toy Boy and Vida perfecta, will premiere in the Capítulo UNO section of Iberseries Platino Industria.

Iberseries Platino Industria announced the first titles confirmed to have their world premiere in the Capitulo UNO section of the event, which shows the first episodes of new series from all over the region.

These screenings, which will later premiere across several TV networks and platforms such as Atresplayer Premium, Claro Video, HBO Max, Megamedia, Movistar+, Netflix, Radiotelevisão Portuguesa, Televisa or TVE, will premiere first on Platino Industria.

And the event will also feature their stars and director, along with members of the creative teams.

Spanish series include second seasons of Vida perfecta (Movistar+) and Toy Boy (Atresplayer Premium), new series Sequía (RTVE y RTP).

Mexican titles include Búnker (HBO Max), Código implacable (Claro Video) and Si nos dejan (Televisa).

And lastly Chilean series include No nos quieren ver (Mega), formerly known as Protectoras.

Movie theaters Callao and Capitol in Madrid will be where these premieres will take place and will be open to the general public. The Cineteca de Matadero Madrid, meanwhile, will be devoted to press passes, photocalls and press conferences.